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How old am I: I'm 35 years old
Hobby: Sex Partners Ready Online Dating Site
Nationality: Swedish
My sexual orientation: Man
Eyes: Enormous gray eyes
What is my gender: Woman
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I remember that I carefully avoided rubbing the lamp until I got home.

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Then I had another panic attack. She was wearing the same sleeveless brocaded jacket but a pale blue silk bodice had appeared underneath where a bare hairy chest had been and the big baggy trousers had changed from dark green to pink. I felt terribly self-conscious walking through the crowded entrance, telling myself that I was an ordinary woman and no one would take any notice.

I would find a public toilet; a Ladies' toilet, I thought, with a gulp. I could not form any words in my thoughts, but I knew that I had not wished to be a cat and began to feel a little annoyed; it made me wave my tail some more. Immediately, the genie began to shrink and her bright clothes to turn grey. Holding onto my pee felt exactly like it had as a man. I noticed that wishing my bush was blonde had not changed its colour, so I was right that distance from the Genie switched off the magic.

Nothing happened, so I turned back. I found the cashpoint, inserted my card and asked for a balance. As I got into my car, with the unfamiliar feelings of wearing a skirt and fitting the seat belt between my breasts, I realised that another unfamiliar feeling was a full bladder. I spun round to find a large, but not huge, perhaps six-foot-nine, classical genie standing in the room, solid and real, with classically folded muscular arms.

Suddenly I was going up again in that lift, soaring up into the room, but then all the changes to my bone- structure, which were almost painless but not quite, suddenly stopped and I was my old human self again. As my little fanny came into view, I had known what to expect, of course, but still felt a shock at the loss of my old genitals. I was surprised how calm I was about becoming a cat. She was wearing an exotic perfume and I genie myself looking straight down the cleavage of her ample bosom, but I suspected that if I let her seduce me I would get into trouble again, so I resolved to stick to my plan.

I wanted to experience life as a woman while I had this opportunity and it was tempting to make the genie be a man again to satisfy me, but I knew I would lose control that way. I needed to find out if the magic which had transformed everything to be how I wished it, whether the wish was spoken or not, extended beyond the immediate presence of the genie. When it stopped, I looked lamp to find my hands turned into furry paws and back along my marmalade-striped flank to my long fluffy tail, which I found I could wave around at will. I wiped myself, a new chore, pulled up my tights, smoothed down my skirt and stepped out into the public gaze again.

I looked up at the genie, towering above me in her big pink trousers and met her eyes with a cold stare. The lamp and my hands were pushed gently off the passenger seat by an invisible force which materialised as my little French maid. I looked down to see the mouse, still trapped by the tail under the sole of my shoe. I had a little cash in my wallet, but I could hardly use the credit-card which was story in my male name.

I felt around in my handbag under the big lamp, being very careful not to let anyone see it, and found a lipstick. I knew I must stay in control, now, and if I did, I could make wonderful things happen. My hair got in the way a bit as I looked round to reverse.

It struggled and squealed in terror. I landed with both paws on the mouse's tail, wishing to story play with it, at first. I thought of going back up to my flat but again I made myself go on out. I'm just going to do a little shopping" I said and started out back to the store, bouncing on my little trainers, another nice touch I hadn't asked for, my lovely long locks blowing in the breeze.

To make sure, I hissed "Turn green" under my breath at my handbag, but it remained stubbornly black. I had genie twelve hours before sunrise. Nothing happened so, getting a little nervous, I got the windscreen-cleaning chamois out of the glove-box and tried that. How on lamp did a medieval Arab know how to do that? The picture-books and movies had led me to expect a spiral whirl of purple smoke to emanate from the lamp, out of which a huge genie would appear but, when I did start polishing the lamp with a proper yellow duster, there was nothing to see before I was startled by a deep voice from behind me: "What is sex command, O master?

Within a second or two, a little mouse was looking up at me, trembling in terror, trying to run away, but almost frozen to the spot. I seem to have got the better of this genie and her magic. As soon as Sex could form the words, I thought to myself "That was clever of me, for a cat, anyway. I clenched all the muscles I could find as I stood waiting and was disappointed that nothing actually felt very different. My bare arms and midriff were light brown and I had a sultry Arabic face.

He looked more like an Arab wrestler in pantomime costume, right down to the long, curled-up shoes, than any mythical being. No longer concealed by the open wings of my jacket, they were now really conspicuous and I had not expected that.

A boy and his genie – chapter 03

The s nearly ran off the screen. My white silk blouse was buttoned neatly to the neck under my grey pin-striped jacket whose sleeves just seemed to come into focus around my arms. That did feel different. Don't worry, I told myself how silly I was being. When it had lost all its ethereal transparency, I could see in the reflection a pair of identical female twins. How thoughtful of Jeanie, I thought, to magic a credit into yesterday, so that I could spend it today!

I had a couple of minutes wait, while I contemplated my reflection and missed the efficiency of urinals, before I could reach the privacy of a stall. Make me a handbag big enough to take that lamp with me. I realised that I was entirely female in my mind and sexuality too.

I had found the genie's female version extremely attractive when I was a man and now I found this naughty French maid just as unnerving.

I suddenly realised that the big black handbag didn't suit my new image, so wished it was a denim shoulder-bag. He didn't look anything like as subservient as his first words and I felt more that a little intimidated by his supercilious stare.

I began to feel hungry and that translated into a wish for a nice fat mouse. If I had thought that we could get on platonically as "girls together", I was mistaken. It surprised me how erotic I found it to move my lips around the phallic red stick. There was another queue for the basins because everyone was touching up their makeup.

Back in my car, I got out the lamp and waited until there was no one near before opening it and rubbing my fingers on the inside.

The sex genie

It was cut neatly to shoulder-length to suit my businesswoman style. By that time I had looked inside the thin brass oval vessel several times by lifting its poorly-fitted hinged lid and there was definitely no room for any physical genie - no false bottom or anything.

I drove to an out-of-town superstore which had nice clean toilets, or at least I knew the Gents were, and it would still be open this evening. I could move one of them from inside. I had planned to summon the genie at this point, but there was a queue outside and I couldn't trust her to keep quiet in there. I seemed to know exactly what to do, pulling my hind legs in like a coiled spring and pouncing suddenly forward.

I looked down to see myself dressed exactly as she was so, although I looked for the change between my legs, it was hidden by great folds of pink silk. I sat down and let my pee flow. Then vanish the cash and credit my bank and savings with five-hundred thousand each. She didn't look any more manageable than the six- foot-nine wrestler, but she'd have to do. I knew I was not just shrinking, because I felt my legs and hindquarters move back and my hands take half my weight.

I wanted to go out, drive some distance away from the genie and find out what power I had there. When I finally got into a stall and shut the door behind me, I found that my skirt was quite narrow, but it lifted up over my waist, where it was useful to keep my jacket in, and I pulled down my knickers and tights.

I pointed to a spot on the floor and was about to command a mirror to appear there when a swirl of mist appeared and rapidly materialised into an ornate free-standing full-length mirror. If I rub the lamp, on the inside only, you will come to wherever I am, immediately. Suppose my car broke down or, for some other reason, I couldn't get back to my flat. I drew the maximum cash I could per day and tucked it quickly into my handbag, feeling really vulnerable for the first time.

An almost transparent veil hung from a string across the bridge of her nose and her big dark eyes were still staring at me, now with a sultry petulance, over it. I'm not really a superstitious man at all, quite a cynic of things spiritual on the whole, but perhaps it was my self-denied belief that such magic does exist which caused it to actually happen.

My bush was dark brown, so I was not a true blonde; I was disappointed again. I did look quite ordinary, though more smartly dressed than the others. I decided to leave her here, in my flat, while I went out as a woman. Then I remembered that there was a cashpoint at this superstore. I kicked off my high heels for safety with the pedals and moved the seat forward because my nylon-clad legs were shorter now.

The magical lamp of the sexy

I nearly lost my resolve to try being female and almost had her turn me back to my old self, but I made myself put my keys and wallet in my handbag and hurry outside. They didn't, but I almost panicked as I opened the door into the Ladies, thinking that if I was hallucinating, everyone else would see my old male body, but no one inside, where there was a short queue for the stalls, reacted to my presence, so they must be seeing just what I was seeing in the mirrors. I looked down at my lap, where my flies zip curved smoothly downward, over my breasts, which thrust out the front of my pale-blue T-shirt.

I wanted to see myself in a mirror but did not want to leave this rather unpredictable genie alone.