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Nifty Archive Search. Relevance Newest Oldest. Please Support the Nifty Archive. 1 - 17 of 17 Name Added fraternal gay celebrity May 21,pm fraternal-1 fraternal-2 falls upon the boys. Chapter 1 Lucas was well aware that they weren't falls upon the boys.

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As a result, a genetic mutation in males led to a modified version of the human race; males who developed internal female reproductive organs and men who developed extraordinarily powerful sperm. He hasn't been bred for a long time.

The prime minister of Southern Britain is in heat at an inconvenient time. That's not all she does and their might even be a couple of babies on the way.

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This all changes when he is visited by the president of the African Union and his son, both of them muscle studs who are used to getting what they want. Contains incest and mpreg. Reviews Stories Blog Videos Pics.

After being annoyed of all the queer-baiting on the internet, a witch takes revenge, by forcing unawakened feeling to come out between Josh and Ted, two straight guys. Army officer Stan Markham relocates his sons to a special town that may be their last chance of procreating and carrying on the Markham name.

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