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Years old: 61
Hobby: Mature Lady Ready Hot Sexy Men Wifes Search Local Dating Sites
Where am I from: Italian
Eyes colour: I’ve got brilliant hazel green eyes
What is my sex: I am woman
My Sign of the zodiac: I'm Leo
Favourite drink: Red wine
What is my favourite music: Hip hop
Other hobbies: Fishing
My piercing: None
Smoker: No

Oh the second time or to gay sex stories.

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Scared the hell out of me.

Gimme more, boys. Giggling already in anticipation, popcorn in hand. We are changing the scheme for contributors for simpler and to better support using multiple devices. Agree with R4. I don't know what ABS is, though. I woke up to probably 20 voics, and at least 60 missed calls. Some features on this site require a subscription. The car was found 2 days later in a bad part of town on the side of a street with the back windows down. He was super nice, and it was great sex, but I don't want a hookup to spend the night.

That little episode cured him of his anonymous hookup routine. If you can't find the you can resend it here.

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Gay left, I locked my room, turned phone off, went to sleep. Especially the AIDS part!! I once hooked up with a guy when I was out of town. I don't do Grindr, but so far this thread is hysterical. You'd see him out in it at parties and the bar, even when it wasn't quite cold enough to be appropriate. R39 I love it! The only things missing was the battery, and the keys. TV, stereo, all sorts grindr other things. R2: What you have to keep in mind is a Most people are dumb as box of rocks and b They wouldn't know how to get information.

I've not been able to jerk off to his pics since. Entertain me Ran out of there and stayed off hookup apps ever since. R37, thanks for chiming in. This is why yall story to go back to supporting the baths and the ABS. Clingy Bitches can't stalk ya. I have never laughed so hard. Most of the gay pron magazine companies shut down long ago, didn't they? He surely got what he deserved. We start fucking, then he mumbles - "I'm super clean and I'm cool if you take off the condom.

So if you don't like it, lump it. Some of you say what you want about bathhouses, but I'd prefer that to hookup apps. WTF is wrong with people? Out of the blue he turned on screen sharing so that I could see his desktop.

Minimal, and kids. added to hold down as ask if society as false images.

I had to help plan his funeral in ' Well screeching Mary at R13, I decided that any anonymous hookup would qualify. You got any more stuff like that? It was amusing to see pretentious queen trying desperately to catch the thief. Now I'm done because the mood is killed.

‘grindr is more about yourself than anything’

People are freaks. I apologized for being neurotic I didn't mean it, I just wanted him gone.

You have a grand selection on pornhub and Chaturbate? He basically starts talking in an almost-yelling way that he fucking better not ever see me out in public, and all that. I asked him what had happened and he sheepishly revealed that he had hooked up with some guy at a bar the night before and the guy had slipped him a mickey and stole him blind what he was knocked out. I turn around and he is plugging in his phone, and taking his toothbrush out of his backpack. We start making out - great kisser.

I have several - the one that is most clearly burned in my brain - This guy seemed super normal, very cute, decent body. But sadly it was too late as he had already been given a big "gift" by one or more of his hookups. Some features on this site require registration.

A clean-cut, Brooks Brothers type in his 40s begged me to lower my shorts and shit so he could eat it off the bench. I've Skyped with a few guys who would at first beat around the bush and then eventually come right out and tell me they want to see me take a shit. I don't believe any of these stories. Byeeeeee" so loud across the parking lot. I was thinking what the fuck is so funny about that? I thought I was losing my mind for a minute. R11 that is the funniest story ever. One guy asked me to piss on him. Awesome, so much for a "discreet hookup.

This once happened to me late at night in the Rambles I know. Some people are friggin out of their minds. This very pretentious, well know queen in our town and a full length fur coat out of some sort of red fox or something. R11 has the best story!! Well he had some 22yo rent boy stole it and would wear it out where everyone noticed. We start sucking each other, all good.

Virtually all Grindr hookups end before they even begin, when the guy either ghosts you or says that he has a stomach ache or a cold: "Sorry dude, I think I'd vomit if I sucked a dick right now!! Hello and thank you for registering. You wouldn't catch anything that way even if I did have something. Then he blew air up my ass so I would fart it out on his face. A minute later - "could you piss inside me while fucking?

You might find a tiny selection of pron mags in the video stores but not enough to run a whole store on. I worried about that for months thinking he'd somehow get the record from the hotel and find me. He had a bestiality video playing : I was completely shocked and disgusted and didn't know what to do.

A few years ago I hooked up with a young guy that I didn't realize lived in my same apartment complex and the next day I saw him afterward out in the main parking lot, and he did the full-on embarrassing queenie "Heyyyyyyyy, last night was so fun!! I said, "Hey, I'm so sorry but I really can't have you spend the night.

He was way too young - I was around 30, he was 19 yes, I looked at his ID when he was in the bathroom. I haven't seen a real ABS in decades.

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R11, can you list in detail all the opportunistic infections your friend had? I feel bad for not being clear up front. Took him like a month.

After this guy and I finished fucking, I was wiping off, and putting on underwear. What's the point of hooking up in this day in age? The only reasons I obliged was I was in my sexualy adventuous stage and would happily try anything once and he had the body and face of a god.

I got to his place and immediately noticed a lot of things were missing in the living room. Finally, I pooped on his teeth. Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. Then he revealed they guy had stolen his car as well.