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Later on, you will experience a major shift as the story morphs into a more macabre theme. In this first book his father is murdered by the Holylighers. Jeremy's mother knows the only way to save her three oldest sons from the risk of enslavement would be to sell them as indentured servants before the trial begins. After Jack, now Janice, has completed her initial sissy training, she was allowed to leave the school's confinement area book 2. To ensure that Thomas and his older brother Edward are properly cared for and to raise much needed funds, his mother sells the two boys into fifteen years of civil indentured servitude, in effect also making them slaves.

He takes revenge by killing all adult Holylighters he finds.

On this mission he meets three Ebon boys, who became is step-brothers. But one of the older boys outsmarts himself, placing all five in jeopardy by reporting the youngest as run way slaves. The boy is unprepared for the humiliation of being turned into a pleasure slave for older men. Be warned however, short of snuff, this story will deal with almost every single type of perversion known to man, from dehumanization, humiliation, sadism, to rape, torture, fetishes and everything that comes in between.

Gabriel is trained to be a pet boy and sex slave. Twelve-year-old Jamie Taylor and his stallion, fourteen-year-old Caliban have won this race before and are favorites to reach the winner's circle once again.

Omdat ze een zaterdagse publiekstrekker wilden hebben dat verder ging dan ze ooit eerder gedaan hadden, kwam een jonge producente met het concept van de "Gladiatorjongens Wereldwijd. Finished story — Work in Progress — Story was never finished — Status unclear. The deputy at the County Slave Center has other ideas. Gladiatorjongens Wereldwijd, by Istari Mtb — Mdom Fdom anal oral chast — bd cbt electr enema humil spank tort toyswords s Links to chapters: 41 Dutch translation of World Wide Gladiator Boys.

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Now he is to face trial for the murder. It sails the oceans of the world providing male flesh of the teenaged variety to those who could pay for it. The Fifth Slave Boy, by Dirt Mb — Slave mast oral anal — body modification bond tort mind control interr 24, words 48 s Link to story It was a future where amazing things could be done to increase one's lifespan, if one were rich enough.

Or can it? Elke week zullen deze atleten deelnemen aan extreme wedstrijden die zo vernederend, beschamend en pijnlijk zullen zijn als de organisatoren maar kunnen bedenken. Followed by The Trial of Tristan Tristan was a promising boy who enrolled for the prestigious but dangerous Elite Academy to better his life. Please read his story before continuing in this one, as it will set the scene for our tale. Their brothers are playing a joke on them, but that backfires.

The Hidden Village Secret, by Unikue Mb — nosex — bond castration 2, words 5 s Link to story Challenge story: This large town is located in the desert and looks run-down. A Different Kind of School, by Dirt Mt — Mdom cons oral anal — bdsm chast toys 11, words 23 s Links to chapters: A young teen, against the wishes of his parents, petitions the government to be allowed to choose the education that he believes will be best for him.

Wally was always a good boy, an athlete and most popular boy in his middle school. Five boys, all playmates in the past, have grown apart as their teenage years start. They suffer brutal sex by his step-father and his Orc slave-boy, but also discover the pleasures of sex. Also, rumor has it that the inhabitants are hiding something. In de niet al te verre toekomst was Extreme Action Broadcasting het meest bekeken netwerk in de wereld geworden. Cody and Lucas: A Personal Slave Boy Story, by Maiocxx tb — cons tdom oral anal mast — bond spank piercewords s Links to chapters: 11 This story follows the lives of two boys, one a personal slave boy belonging to the other.

A certain wealthy individual, was more than wealthy and was now looking for his fifth and final slaveboy. All of that quickly changed when he got pulled into a plot to turn him into the Humbled Girl Janice described in book 1 of Christian's School of Humility.

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While not an expert, this reader's daddy is slave because he is a real person dealing with the realities of financial pressures and raising Gay. When Janice isn't in one of Lou's studios having sex for the cameras, she spends her time in an underground holding area. Mike and Richie find old slave collars and decide to play 'You Can't Make Me' taking one of their old games to new places.

But how willing is Cody to fill the position? But instead of a liability, little Henry would prove a great asset. Howevernsenting adults. Heavy Collars, by Unikue tb — slave oral anal — spank 2, words 5 s Link to story Richie and Mike get into story after finding two slave-collars. She trusts her stepfather to be the boys' new owner.

This category is provided as unusual adult entertainment only. Richie and Mike get into trouble after finding two slave-collars. For an English translation, see The Collar Cow-Boy, by Ignacious bb — slavery oral — first med ws toys milking 26, words 52 s Link to story A boy's family is going through rough financial times, so for the sake of his younger brother, his parents 'volunteer' him to become a cow-boy, the producers of the most popular healthy drink in the world: cow-boy milk.

Full Circle, by Bara tb — slave oral anal — humil spank 7, words 15 s Link to story PZA 5th Anniversary Story See table of contents for these stories with the "rules". Dead of Winter - Christian's School of Humility 3, by The Devil's Advocate Mt — slavery oral anal — humiliation cross-dressing ws piss-drinking fisting best 15, words 31 s Link to story Thirteen-year-old Jack thinks he has the world in the palm of his hand.

Lies were told and laws were broken and the lives of Quinn, his father and their beloved slave Brandon are now all at stake. Hard in Their Cages, by Purveyor of Silent Thoughts Ft — slave nosex — humil chast 10, words 21 s Link to story Jason receives instructions from his mother about his role in a strictly segmented, authoritarian welfare state based on hard artificial intelligence and positive eugenics.

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If successful, he will be allowed to permanently relinquish his status as a free citizen and be allowed to bond with a permanent master according to the country's Consensual Slavery Laws. These stories are free for you to enjoy. Gabriel's Nightmare, by Darkfire Knight Mb — Mdom Fdom anal oral — bd electr scat tort toys wswords s Links to chapters: Ten-year old Gabriel and his brother and sister are sold or rented for two months by their mother to a group of perverts.

But Jeremy already knows his step grandpa is a perv. He thinks his boss is being kind when the older man offers to purchase his cute fourteen-year-old son. While berthed in Southern California, the captain's year-old son Nathan is given permission to 'recruit' his own cabin boy.

What began as an innocent experiment for the young master becomes a serious crisis when word of the free boy's punishment becomes public. C'est alors que les ennuis commencent pour moi. Juste par jeu, je l'essaie, pour voir de quoi j'ai Gay avec. Janice's sissy journey has been an arduous one. On the return from a visit to his father, a serious problem arises.

The summer vacation routine is enlivened for prepubescent friends Richie and Mike when the latter finds two old government-issue slave collars that are obviously authentic but apparently inactivated. Tussen de wedstrijden worden de jongens onderworpen aan een zwaar regime van conditionering en oefening.

Educating Quinn, by Istari Mb Mt tb — daddy oral anal — humil bond chast tort pierce body modification ws enem spank milking 65, words s Links to chapters: Book II by Maiocxx Tales from a World of Slavery 4 Quinn van Doorn's adventure at the Slave Processing and Discipline Center was only the beginning. Bored their older friends decide to in and get the 12 year olds in trouble. For the next seven months he undergoes rigorous training, both physical and psychological, at one of the best slave training schools in the country.

Another shift in the plot line will be when Thomas Connors, the main character, retires unexpectedly from his career as he finds and teams up with the 'right people' for a new, less requiring yet money-making job. It takes him slave time to discover what those gifts really mean. She is in Lou's hands now. His scouts were always on the lookout for new cabin boys for his ship that could be trained into being the perfect companions for his guests. And as result, his Uncle is going to sell him Grandpa's Boys, by Mister Red Mt — slave oral more implied — humil 5, words 10 s Link to story Jeremy is a wealthy boy from a fine family, but his father is about to go on trial for fraud.

Danny's Education - A Five Little Boy Slaves Story, by Maiocxx Mb — slave mast oral — humil spank bond 40, words 80 s Links to chapters: 3 A young boy who has been raised as a free child is 'educated' at his father's story by being enslaved. Hearty thanks to Barefoot Guy for welcoming us as neighbors to Alexander and Dakota.

This is not all however, I won't be spilling anymore spoilers but be ready for a lot of unexpected twist and turns, be ready for a really, really story story. Not only does he discover insight into his own motivations and needs, but daddies few of his comrades along the way. Banyon gets saddled with a 10 year old son, Henry, whom he didn't even knew existed until several months before.

Amazingly, there's a key that can unlock and lock the collars, too, and they start playing erotic games with each other in the woods, pretending to be escaped slave boys. He comes to know fully what slavery means and his master, for the first time, fully understands his own life as a former slave. They face challenges and lead lives that are impossible here but in many ways their world is very similar to ours. When he meets year old Cody Gillam at the beach, Nathan has found his cabin boy. A young teen is captured, greatly modified for his master's use, and after the attachment of a of bondage items, both permanent and detachable, he is permanently installed within the confines of his new master's mansion.

The Codicil, by Pueros MFt — Mdom anal mast oral chast — bd cbt electr enema humil pierc prost spank tort 71, words s Links to chapters: 5 Slaveboy series 1 This is a 5-part story of sexual slave, as rumoured to be practised by some of the new multi-millionaires and billionaires of modern Russia. It is best-known for a tumultuous history and its beautiful park. Even the Modest Must Serve, by Steam Train Mt tt — Mdom cons oral mast — humil spank 54, words s Links to chapters: After his father is sentenced to a lifetime of slavery for committing serious white collar crimes, fourteen year old Thomas' pampered life of wealth and privilege abruptly ceases.

A teenager and his two young brothers are caught up in a nearly deadly game of 'playing' at Master and Slaves. He is the founder and kingpin of pornography business. It is set in the slave universe as Barefoot Guy's story Personal Slaveboy. Her only comfort is in the knowledge that life can't possibly get any worse for her.

The boy saves her life. Every step of Gay journey somehow seems to be worse than the prior. Haunted Holidays, by Boymike bb — story — humil 4, words 8 s Link to daddy PZA 5th Anniversary Story See Gay of contents for these stories with the "rules". But all went bad for him on the day he murdered Skippy, and he was castrated and expelled from the programme. Going, Going, Gone!

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So they are caught up in a slave system they have only knew existed. Jamie learns that this year's race however comes with very high and very dangerous stakes indeed. The body shy Thomas quickly discovers that as an indentured servant he has no right to modesty, that even the modest must serve in any way their masters desire.

He, along with his master's other four slaveboys, will become quite familiar with both the room where he is to spend much of his time, and every fifth day, another room which brought them all measures of both fear and arousal — the room of pain and pleasure.