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He then asked me:. I was terrified of intimacy and always delayed throwing myself out there to date someone of the same gender.

By this stage of the evening, I was pretty drunk! We were sitting on a white wooden bench on top of a small hill by the fjord, contemplating the beauty of the city, Vejle, a small town in southern Denmark. On our way back, I asked him if I stunk of smoke, I was paranoid. The night could easily have taken a more sinister turn and put my life in danger!

I continued looking into those irresistible green eyes, dumbfounded.

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I just looked into his eyes, closed them, and let our lips do the rest. The exciting tension between us kept growing until it became unbearable! At the time I was 16 and up until that point in my life, I was always the chubby nerd who got bullied a lot.

Next thing I know, he started to ask people about me. My first gay experience was not the most pleasant love story. We went out onto the roof without anyone noticing and leaned back on the roof tiles, gazing at the stars and talking about our frustrations as rebellious children.

I went to an all-boys boarding school, a place burgeoning with post-pubescent hormones.

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This was something which we'd often do with friends so we both knew it wouldn't raise any suspicions with our families. Eventually, after all my friends had left, he offered to drive me home. I was 18 and he was much older, living a double life — married, with kids, and a pregnant wife. I was 20 years old, a student, sitting in the Berlin metro train, on my way to my internship. We started to go out a lot.


You can connect with Juan and see Colombia from a local's perspective on his Instagram. It was at High School. I just stared at him, awkwardly. I remember feeling scared, but at the same time, curious and excited to be with another man.

He took an immediate liking to me and kept offering me cocktails all night long — which I was only too happy to accept! As soon as we closed the door, I felt this intense chemistry between us immediately! Do you remember your first time? Funnily enough, his response to this was:.

He asked me to keep the noise down so as not to alert anyone outside…the whole thing turned me on! Two days later he invited me to his home, which turned into a long magical afternoon sessionwhich became my first time; I was so enchanted by him that I gave him my virtue and loved every single minute of it!

We exchanged a bit of small talk about connecting trains and he also gave me his name… As soon as I got home, I searched up his name and connected with him on Facebook. We spent most of the hour in silence until he suddenly asked if I wanted to share a smoke, which we did. Neither of us could sleep after, so discovered more of each other in the bathroom. This moment really changed me from within. When we finished, I realized this is just the beginning of something really special.

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So one day, we decided to hang out by the river. The gay scene of Medellin was far more lively and accepted compared to where I lived. It was crazy, I know. I was convinced this was the perfect man.

It was sweet, awkward, passionate, private, all at once. So, my lesson from this story is that it is good to enjoy yourself, but young people should be super cautious, especially when heavy drinking is involved. Our eyes met, and a spark just ignited itself.

We played around, wrestled, and laughed a lot. And for the first time in my life, I felt like the luckiest guy to be gay!

I still remember avoiding coming out of the water to hide my visible boner from him. I felt his tongue, and shivers went up through my whole body.

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The more we chatted, the more we found we had in common. Our first meeting was a flowing and easy conversation and everything was going so well. However, until I could leave, I was stuck back home in my conservative and religious Colombian small town!

Home Gay stories. You can follow Clayton on Instagram. I was the happiest guy on earth. Subscribe now to receive our latest interviews with gay locals, in-depth gay travel guides, inspiring stories, savvy planning tips, and exclusive discounts on gay tours. The next time he came to deliver a package to our house, he handed me, with a smirk, a small note with his phone written on it!


But it did, and in the most idyllic and beautiful way — as we were staring at each other with fascination and excitement, small drops of cold water started to fall from the sky! On an overnight military cadet field trip, we were ased a buddy and had to take turns to do a patrol walk in our pairs of the perimeter of the camp in the middle of the night. I got off the train when he did and followed him for a while, but then stopped and went back to catch my train again. For most gay guys, our first gay experience is usually a moment of revelation and clarity that eventually le to our coming out.

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We found a private spot to leave our stuff then went into the river. It made me realize that love does not have a gender, compassion does not have a religion, and character does not have a race. It was incredible! Whereas he knew exactly what he was doing and had pretty much planned it. It was a place where I could finally be myself whilst keeping my gay secret far away from my family. I was amazed with his charm and flirtatious nature.

My social skills were non-existent, let alone my dating life. The second attempt went a bit better as I relaxed my lips and left my mouth slightly open. I was texting him messages of how happy he made me. He was also the owner of a bar — a bar that I stumbled into with my university friends on a night out back home in Puerto Ordaz my home city in Venezuela.

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I was 19 when I finally plucked up the courage to meet someone who I had started chatting with online. One day after school, I came home with my best friend who was also going to stay the night. Whenever I felt annoyed or sad I went out without anyone noticing, to lay down on the sloping roof of the story high building! He didn't reply. But one day, this delivery boy about my age came with a package for my mother. From the photos he sent me, he looked gorgeous — perfect mid-length hair, beautiful brown eyes, and a dreamy face.

Check out Efren's Instagram and YouTube channel for more details about his life! I was 17 years old. The following day I was beaming!

For others, it's a complete disaster that we prefer to forget… although one thing's for sure, you will never truly forget it! This one time after work he invited me to his atelier, backstage in the local museum. Your first story with another gay guy?

However, instead of taking me home, he drove us to a motel and beckoned me to go inside with him. Ever since I was a young teen, I became aware that I was different from other boys and never had any success with dating girls. I was lost in his beauty. When I was 15 years old, I lived in a penthouse with my family that had a small hidden door to the elevator room and across all the cables and machinery, you could go out to the main roof of the building. Sneakily we approached our hands, touching each other little by little but without interrupting the conversation.

By chance the following day.