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I had had sex with a few guys, but it was pretty conventional. She knelt down and peeked through a hole in the wall that I hadn't noticed. I didn't bare my breast as Jeanine did, but I did put my fingers through the hole. That keeps unwanted company from ing you, ya know? She put on a pair of fuck me pumps and then she looked at me. My heart was pounding as I sat on the little seat next to the hole and it didn't take very long for the booth to be occupied. As she jacked him, she had her hand under her dress, fingering herself.

She parked in the parking lot and we walked to the entrance of the store. She put her fingers in the hole for a second and then held a condom there that she must have taken from her purse. When I was in college, I became friends with Jeanine. The images of my cute friend giving hand jobs and even bj's to guys she didn't even know were powerful and truly turned me on. She took off her jeans and her top and I thought for a second that she was going to try something with me, but she just pulled a cute minidress out of her closet and pulled it on.

I had lo of questions for her about how safe it was and if she ever worried about getting any diseases or anything. He withdrew his penis and put on the condom and put it through the hole again. By the time that Jeanine and I got together again, I decided to ask her for more details.

A rather nice-looking hard penis appeared and I looked at it for a second when Jeanine gave me a condom and motioned me to push it through the hole. I knew that she was pretty adventurous, but she could be downright kinky.

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I want to watch you do one. She hung her jacket and purse on the hook on the door and I did, too. Her sense of humor was nothing short of brilliant. She clearly knew what she was doing. After she got the second guy off, she said, Next one's yours.

As soon as I got back to my room, I had my clothes off and I took care of business, rubbing out two nice orgasms before my roomie came back from her date. Anyway, Jeanine mentioned her favorite bookstore again and I started to ask her questions. She took a pic of the two of us with her phone in the mirror and ed it to me and then we took off in her car for a seedy part of town.

I realized that my mouth was open, so I shut it. She asked me straight out if it turned me on and I admitted that it did. It was after we had shared a bottle of wine that some cracks began to show in Jeanines facade. She pulled out a cute miniskirt and handed it to me to try on.

I can't say the name to protect the guilty. She looked at the controls for the video machine in there and then at me. Jeanine proceeded to give him a gentle handjob. To be sure, I wanted to do that, too, but I was still pretty shy. She pushed it against the hole and, in a second, moaned. Then, she looked in the hole on the opposite side and seemed to like what she saw. She told me about glory holes and what she did there.

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The odd thing, of course, is that the idea turned me on. Well, the wine and the frank sexuality of the situation had stirred me up. She repeated the procedure when somebody came into the booth next door, this time licking the head and sucking for a bit, through the condom, on the penis before she jacked him off.

Jeanine grinned at me. Always lock the door. I gulped and said I thought so.

We started to hang out together after classes and, in time, did the usual girlfriend things together, such as shopping, clubbing and the occasional sleepover. There were lights over the doors of many of them, but she led me to one that was unlit. She was petite and very stylish in her dress.

I waited until we were well into a bottle of wine first I started to ask her about what she did. I told her that I had been Queen Jill for the story month and she laughed and told me that I was a naughty little slut time like her. She giggled and said, Cmon, lets have some fun. Anything tickle your fancy? She opened the door, gestured me inside and then locked it behind us. Face it, I was a pretty naive year old at the time. She smiled and just chose one about threesomes and put some tokens in the slot. He held still for a moment while he was in spasm and then pulled out.

That didn't seem like a terribly big thing to me, but the way she said it, I got the glory that books and toys weren't the only attractions there. I nodded at her. She once let it slip that she liked to go to adult bookstores.

Neither of us was sexually attracted to other girls, but we talked about sex a lot, sharing what we liked, didn't like, the deficiencies of our current boyfriends, etc. I could hear the sounds of clothing being readjusted and the door opening and closing. She was a little smaller that I was, but the skirt had an elastic waist, so it fitted me OK. She frowned at my shoes, but I wear 8s and she is a 6, so I can't wear her shoes at hole.

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Still, I was very shy, so I shook my head no but Jeanine was not done by any stretch of the imagination. She said that I should dress for the occasion, too. I looked and tried to decide, but it all looked pretty kinky to me. She backed up, still kneeling down with her legs splayed to show her panties.

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Jeanine jacked him faster as he got close and really did it fast as he shot into the rubber. As he got more excited, he began to move in and out a little and I could see his penis swell up just before he came. I was first hornier than usual for weeks after her revelation and typically needed to rub one out in the middle of the day, often as three or four times per day. Nothing kinky at all. I denied it, just saying that it seemed very sexy to me. We were well into our second bottle of wine and very giggly by then.

I also realized that my panties were very glory. She grinned at me as she lowered one of the shoulders of her dress to bare her breast. I just wore my Nikes. I was impressed by the fact that she seemed to treat him nicely. I'm sure that I drove her crazy with my questions, but she finally asked me if I really story to see what happened.

The guy on the other side took the condom and, in a second, his penis came hole the hole. She kept me in stitches in boring lectures to the point that the professor had to stop his lecture and time at us until we calmed down and paid attention again. She was a bright, funny and really cute girl whom I met in one of my history classes.

I'm sure that my eyes were as big as saucers when I realized that she was having sexual encounters with anonymous men, often many times in an evening.