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I few days back i was licking my bf's ass and he ripped a fart right on my tongue. I pretended to be angry and disgusted but i was so turned on. I hope he does it again.

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A mum has opened up about an embarrassing moment while visiting her chiropractor, asking other women to please share their own funny fart moments to make her feel a bit better. He must have stimulated a nerve or something and I just let fly with an unstoppable column of fart.

Generic selectors. Do you have a farty story of your own to share? It was very quiet, just a few people quietly reading books. His face was a picture. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds! Subscribe to Our Newsletter.

I let out the worst smelling fart anyone has ever released in the history of womankind. Being a grown up I got the giggles, crying snotty, sneezy, farty giggles. Hell yeah, me up girl! We have collected the very best of her responses for you, so please enjoy:.

Yes, girls fart. everyone does!

She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine or four and wander about the internet. It was one with a bit of a question mark noise at the end. Not one. Latest Articles. Source: Giphy and Mumsnet. Sometimes, there is nothing more embarrassing than an untimely fart. Exact matches only. Search in excerpt.

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Tell us in the comments! Search in title. Never discovered who it was …. But every time I sneezed I let out a short but violent fart that shot straight up and gave me extreme fanny ripples. View More. It is at this point that he decides to gently stroke down my butt cheek with his finger for a giggle. And nobody reacted or moved.

Spill: your most embarrassing fart stories

All of a sudden as I shifted in my seat I let rip a cracking fanny fart that vibrated on the plastic chair and through the metal legs into the lino. Really long loud satisfying ones.

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What is your most embarrassing fart story?

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Get Social. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Too funny! I knew that everyone would have heard it which made me laugh, but when I came out they were all in absolute stitches, apparently the fart was funny, but what tickled them was that they could then all hear me giggling to myself about my parpy bum.

DH was in the room and I said that I felt a little sore patch on my buttock.

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Well, she asked for funny farty stories and it was funny farty stories that she received! I quickly washed my hands and left, leaving the phantom farter in the cubicle. That made me need to pee, so I had to do that knee and thigh closed shuffle to the loo, all whilst still sneezing, farting and giggling.

But then again, there really is nothing funnier than a fart story, and here we are.

Everybody in the room stared at me, I was gutted and hid behind a leaflet. Only a tiny one for him anyway but against the wet seat it was incredibly loud and worse, echoed. Search in posts. So, there I am bent over and he is right behind my bum.

Embarrassed woman asks others to share their funniest fart stories and we can’t stop giggling!

The unknown woman in the first cubicle let out the most enormous thunderous fart and I am ashamed I burst out laughing. Proper belly laugh. When I went for a wee last week really struggling with early pregnancy bloat and wind the loudest, most musical fart came out of my arse, entirely taking me by surprise. Jill Slater Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. No thanks, I like it here under my rock. It actually cleared the school hall. DH all wet from the pool came and laid on the plastic sun lounger and farted. I could feel it coming and had no power to stop it!

Turn Clutter into Cash! Format html text. My daughter was not impressed, which only made it funnier.

To this day I blame the speculum that stretched me open. Search in content. They were all terribly mature.