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Welcome to our house, welcome to our lifestyle. We live in the country. Our house is a rectangle.

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I just walked out to the kitchen.

Everybody together -- girls and boys, men and women -- even whole families went together. I stewed about everything they said and all the laughing.

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I had taken my clothes off hoping Did I want it to be a big deal with them or not? Well, they all three seem to. I did. I loved it. Just then the door opened and Lynn started in before she noticed I was there. Then they all laughed for a long time.

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When I asked my innocent question nobody said anything for a long time. Then he took off his shirt and tee shirt. I would sneak out to the yard naked early summer mornings before anybody else in the family was awake. I was confused. There was one hot day when I was between first and second grade, though. She had to wait until the next day but she got it all.

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Dave was the next one to say something about it. Mom was working in an insurance office that year and Dad was under pressure to take some of his accrued vacation time. I turned to my side and asked Lynn. One of the books was written by a guy trying to convince people to go naked more.

Mom just kind of snorted and shook her head. That summer Dave had a full time job. I got to my feet and took off my tee shirt and slid my shorts and underwear down, kicking them across the room. There was a little smile on her lips, I noticed. I peed and looked in the mirror above the sink.

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I shushed her. When I was eight, Lynn was ten, and Dave sixteen.

But it did teach me the difference between nudist and naturist. I was in our back yard playing in the sprinkler in my trunks.

‘family nudity’ stories

So he and Lynn traded rooms. Dad got a beer and looked at me a second. Dad was sitting in the recliner and she dropped the magazines in his lap before handing me the two books. I jumped up and went out to the living room where Mom and Dad were watching TV. I grabbed the phone book and sat in the recliner since Dad and Mom were sitting next to each other on the couch -- a rare occurrence. There was a smell that I have since decided is the aroma of the aging books. They had been talking about camping or going fishing.

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It was not huge but it seemed like it to me. Then Mom said something to Dad and nobody paid me any attention. I decided I had to try the library. Talk returned to renting a cabin somewhere. I found the place Dad mentioned, I thought. Or try camping facilities I looked for all that but came up empty. She stood looking at me. She had me get up and spread it for me to sit on. It was put out by one of the story associations. I took a small chance and hurried to the family, pushing the door close to latching but not quite.

I got a glass of water and stood at the sink to drink it. I lay on my bed and thought about my family. I grew up in the fifties and sixties. Not that I needed to be convinced. I quietly went to the nudity I shared with my sister.

I always loved that library. Then before she could respond he started talking about the magazines. Silence again for a few seconds, except for the television. It was a directory of all the nudist resorts and naturist places around the country.

I decided I could. I went to the card catalog first.

Nudist family tradition

I was obviously not an adult. As a product of mainstream Middle America, I was not encouraged to bare my body other than when bathing or swimming and even swimming I had to wear swimming trunks. There were five of us in my family.

I wonder if the women shave their pits. I flopped on my own bed and sighed. My parents were talking about a vacation.

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He was wearing his work clothes and he grabbed his lunch before leaving. Sticking the paper in my pocket, I closed the drawer and left the quiet place. I quickly turned to the s for our state and narrowed it down to our area. I went back to the bedroom where Lynn was sitting on her bed polishing her toenails. Like many older folks who somehow acquire that similar odor, books must do the same. About the time I was turning eight or so, I learned there were places where people went to go naked together. I got dressed and rode my bike to the park where the library was located.

Then I remembered my question. I looked pretty pale. She left the room and returned with a towel folded in half. He clinked his beer can to my glass and he walked back to the couch grinning. You could look it up in the yellow s, maybe, or at the library. After a few minutes I found several things in the adult section, some that were in the adult periodical section and a couple of books. We laughed. She ran her hand through my hair. I used the little pencil and a scrap of paper laying there and wrote the s down.

I stopped and wondered if I could take the next step. I kind of danced around a second, feeling the air around me. The other book was the one I mostly wanted.

They all just stared at me. I decided to ask Mom to go check the stuff out for me.

When she came in, she was smiling. I stuck the wheel into the rack and went in. I opened the door and slipped into the hallway.