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Everybody Loves Raymond is remembered fondly by many for its relatable comedy and honest insights into the inner workings of marriage and family.

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Debra was starting to feel more uncomfortable as she tightened the belt on her robe, remembering that she was only wearing her pajama top and a tiny pair of panties under it. Sep 15, 1 T Mar 19, 2 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms.

Her pussy was shaved smooth, with the exception of about an inch long, bright red patch of curly hair just above her slit. When she had finished pushing the last button through it's hole, she paused for a second, then shrugged the shirt off her shoulders and watched it drift to the floor, leaving her covered only in a skimpy pair of pink bikini panties.

Is it something that can wait until Ray gets back," she asked. A Welcoming Community of Writers and Readers. Her mouth dropped open and she felt light-headed as the realization came over her that the woman in the photos was her! She had avoided all contact with anyone connected with the lodge, but every time she had accidental contact with any of the members, they seemed to smirk or grin at her. There are some pictures we would like to show you.

Everything had pretty much returned to normal. She wanted to cry, but was determined not to give them the satisfaction of appearing weak.

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She had to try one last ploy to avoid this debauchery. She knew it must have been fairly extreme because her vagina had been raw and sore for almost a week afterward.

At this point Debra thought she was probably better off not knowing what had really happened. She had always thought they were her best feature and, despite her situation, she found herself thrusting out her chest proudly.

It had to have been thirteen inches long, as big around as a giant kielbasa, with a head the size of a tennis ball. This story is a sequel to "Debra and the Lodge" All feedback, positive or negative, is welcome and encouraged. Gianni was holding a chair out for Debra as he told her, "Here Deb, you'd better sit down.

Robert just smiled as he replied, "Are you kidding us? He knew he should have more respect for his sister-in-law, but she had always acted a little superior to everyone in his family. She thought to herself that they must know Ray isn't here, they usually know Ray's schedule better than he did. She couldn't help thinking to herself that it is true what they say about the size of a man's hands and feet. She had collected her fee, paid off her debts and was trying her best not to buy anything or gamble online by keeping as busy as possible.

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Since she had no memory at all of the night, she was certain she had been drugged. Robert spoke forcefully, "Well Deb, are you going to strip or do you want us to do it for you? She stopped what she was doing and looked at the guys curiously. Andy found himself giggling like the Pillsbury dough-boy as he shed his pants, and knew he had better slow down or he was going to ejaculate before he even touched those wonderful tits. Now that we know how much you love sex, we've come here to fuck every hole in your body!

As a matter of fact, Andy had given Ray a ride to the airport yesterday. Robert grabbed her hand and started to lead her into the living room, and up the stairs. Gianni chimed in, "All this time you have been acting like some kind of prude, when in reality you are a nympho. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary to have this trio storm in unannounced, but it was usually when Ray her NY Newsday sportswriter husband was at home.

As they all lowered their shorts, Debra couldn't help sizing them up. Debra like to call them "Ray's posse. All three men stopped dead and just stared at Debra's completely naked body. Gianni's hard tool was nothing to be ashamed about either Andy's cock was exactly what she would have expected if she had ever thought about it which she hadn'tit was shorter only about six inchesbut very fat. Debra felt lightheaded and her legs felt like jelly Her life felt totally out of control, what had she done to deserve this? He has had us believing that you never put out, that you hate sex. For years I've wanted to sink my cock into you, and today is the day it's going to happen.

She heard all three men suck in their breath as they ogled her magnificent 38 D breasts.

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Hi, guys! Forum rules Please keep multiple parts of a story in the same thread. Switch to Print View - 2 posts. No, she told herself; if this was going to happen, she was going to be strong. She actually considered herself lucky that no one had mentioned anything about it. She was busy cleaning up the kitchen after seeing the kids off to school when the back door opened and in barged Robert her brother-in-law followed by his friends Gianni and Andy.

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I'm not like that! As Robert unbuckled his belt, he asked Debra, "Do you need help with those panties?

Robert handed her the phone and she could see a slide-show of photos was being displayed. They had been talking all week about him going to Port St. Lucie for ten days to cover the Mets spring-training camp. As the images flashed on the phone's screen, Debra almost fainted when the last photo showed her laying on a bench with a horse's cock hovering over her belly. She almost gasped out loud when Robert turned to face her It was already erect and reached almost to his nipples.

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Her witch of a mother-in-law Marie had actually shown concern for Debra's well being when she had been "under the weather" for a couple days after the event. Robert spat out, "You know she dumped me again.

I'm tired of playing her game. She knew she had been abused that night, but since she had absolutely no memory of the occasion, she had no idea what had actually happened. When the quartet had reached the bedroom, Robert stood Debra beside the bed and the men gathered around in anticipation. She thought it must be as big around as a soda can.

Moderator: vile8r. Frank and Garvin were friends again, and the lodge was back in business. He had lusted after Debra for years, and this was finally his big opportunity to sample that luscious body.

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What she saw made her feel very uneasy. Gianni reached out to help her with the buttons, but she just brushed his hands away as she trembled with the buttons. Where did you get these," she shrieked. Robert looked very stern, Andy had a shit-eating grin on his face, and Gianni was outwardly leering at her. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. What was even more amazing about Andy, was that his balls were huge As she looked closer, she was shocked to see they were pornographic pictures of an attractive woman laying on a blanket using a dildo on herself.

She hadn't asked anyone associated with the lodge because she was afraid of the response.

Fictional story about fictional characters in the public domain. I was drugged! She was used to Ray's friends leering at her, it was no secret that they all had crushes on her, but they usually had the decency to disguise their ogling. Celebrity Story Library. And imagine the bigger shock when he showed me these pictures," stated Robert. All three were smiling as they admired her magnificent body.

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