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Legitimate question… is the doctor the only person on earth whom you pay money to have them openly insult you to your face? Last time I went, my doc told me I was over-weight and that my back mole looked weird. How much do I owe you?

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Did she emphasize the word see or was it my imagination? There followed a very complete checkup starting at the top of my head and working its way downward. After just a few minutes had passed the door swung open and I embarrassing fell off the table. I stood up and walked over to the scale which was against the opposite wall. Jenkins was doctor and she was beautiful. At least I was until last week. When I called for my visit I was informed that Dr. Jenkins always did a very complete exam on all new patients and that I should expect to spend at least two hours at my first visit.

Two young women dressed in scrubs stepped into the room and abruptly came to a halt. She wasn't one of the stories at our house, but then as I looked into her eyes it came back to me. I tried to tell myself that Claire had seen me many time in my bathing suit at our pool and that this wasn't much different, but it wasn't working.

She was a girl that was always the first to try something new and daring. This is a story of fiction. Just then the door opened and in walked Dr. It was going to be worse than I thought.

My name is Jack Ryan. Their expressions were polar opposites. Kristen was one of the 'wild ones'. With that she was gone and I was left to contemplate my future.

There was one thing that I was a little self-conscious about. She was a tall girl, almost my height at five-ten and she had long blond hair that was tied back in a ponytail. As I started to get on the scale Kristen interrupted. I'll be taking you down the hall now to an exam room. Um, are you enjoying the summer? It's a fantasy.

Do you remember her? I settled on a doctor that was close to my home, Dr. Chris Jenkins. Kristen wasn't kidding. She told me to have a seat on the table and that the interns would be in soon to get me started. If you read enough stories here you'll realize that some people are turned on by that sort of thing, If you're not, read something else.

Clair kept giving me these sheepish smile as if to say, 'sorry about this Mr. Ryan', while Kristen just smirked and occasionally glanced down at my groin with what seemed to be eager anticipation.

Ryan, thank you so much for letting us help Dr. Jenkins with your exam. It was written for entertainment.

My last doctor had rarely even asked me to take off my pants, let alone look in my underwear. Ryan, it's nice to see you again. Carol brought me into a very well lit exam room with all the usual stuff.

1. when a woman thought an x-ray technician said “hold your breast” instead of “breath.”

The girl who was so surprised at seeing me was someone I immediately recognized. But now I was remembering that when I made the appointment I was told that this would be a very complete exam. She was shorter than Kristen and had red hair that was also pulled back in a ponytail.

Then what I was dreading was about to happen. Thank you so much. I didn't really recognize Kristen right away. I looked behind me and walked slowly over and behind the screen.

I arrived early on the day of my visit and was impressed by the clean and well-appointed waiting area. It all started when my company changed health insurance and I was required to choose a new primary care doctor who was part of the plan. I was given some paperwork to fill out and when I was finished I was called into an office by a friendly older woman who introduced herself as Carol. I'm Dr. Jenkins and welcome to our practice,". It's about being embarrassed and humiliated. She was pretty grown up now.

I see the girls are doing a fine job. My daughter had been friends with her in grammar school, but had drifted away from that friendship as they started high school and Kristen's exploits became more daring.

I like to think that I'm a typical 42 year old family man. Although I have a well-built body and I stay in pretty good shape, there is one part of my body that I don't enjoy having other people see. Although it's never really been a problem with my story, she does occasionally joke about it with me.

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Ryan, we want to be ready when the doctor comes in. Her freckles splashed across her nose and onto her cheeks under her bright green eyes. I just stood there unable to reply and the possible consequences of my not checking on my new doctor's gender and my hasty agreement to allow the interns began to swirl around in my head.

Her name was Claire and she was one of my daughter's best friends. I started to worry. I'm sure they would be very thankful. I had no idea what a doctor could do in two hours, but it sounded better than the two minute visits I usually got with my doctor. Once I met her and she seemed okay with my diminutive size I saw no reason to look elsewhere for a partner. Now as I walked down the hall I was wondering if my forthcoming exam would include a doctor of my 'little friend'.

I think Claire was as embarrassed as I was, but I thought I heard an embarrassing snicker from Kristen as I stood there being measured.


I was again impressed with her friendly attitude and by the time we were finished I felt like she was an old friend. I tried to be as casual as I could as I walked across the floor to the scale.

They are college kids who are interested in a career in medicine. I didn't look up at the girls and climbed up on the scale as they weighed and measured my height. A rather pretty young woman at that," replied Kristen. She went over the paperwork with me and entered my information into the computer.

I mean I don't know what the doctor is planning to do.? As she checked my eyes and my throat and my ears and listened to my chest, I occasionally glanced at the two girls who dutifully stood behind her watching her every move. Today is our first day and it's great that our first patient will be someone that we know and are comfortable with. As Carol led me down the hall I began to wonder what I was in for.

Kristen was also surprised, but the look on her face was more a look of amusement than just surprise and there seemed to be just a hint of mischief. That's not so bad is it?

She is one of the few women who has actually seen it. By the way, Dr. Jenkins has two summer interns helping out who are starting work today. As I began to undress I thought of what it was going to be like to have to walk out and be seen by these girls in my boxer shorts.

Pants on fire

Carol had been so sweet to me that before I had time to think about it I agreed. Ryan, she will be right in and we need to get you ready so maybe we could begin," said Claire with a flush of embarrassment. She walked right up to me as I stood there in my boxers.

This is not reality and no, it probably wouldn't happen in real life. Yes, she is a woman.

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Would it be alright with you if they helped Dr. Jenkins with some parts of the exam? This is certainly a surprise. Now she looked at me with a smirk on her face and what a beautiful face it was. You see, I'm not exactly well endowed. I have always been fairly comfortable with my body, at least most of it. She reached out to shake my hand which I did as I contemplated the fact that I was now in my undies in front of three younger women.

Claire was a sweet girl who I had basically watched grow up.