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We stepped away from each other, guards against the other, eyes clad in steel helmets.

It felt… strangely natural to do that. I hurt. Probably just some passer by servant. I took a loaf of bread and broke it, uttering small prayers as I did the deed. General Rating. Had I turned into some sort of dragon? I heard the door creak open and a servant came in.

Really, I looked like an outsider, yet all but one exception had me welcomed; I was fortunate to have a decent family. Dinner was about to be served and mother was doing her best to ensure my leave was on good terms and warm feelings. Until just recently, I was still in exile.

All he could do was look at me, rolling his eyes like he was wont to do. It depicted all four of us, as of last year. My sword failed to go through his plat, pinging off it with ease. I grabbed onto those new appendages, feeling them for the first time, feeling their… delicate nature and wondering why I was so feeble. I would have loved to stay in my bed, my cushions and blankets felt so soft and luxurious. He was certainly story to be glad to be rid of me, that much I was certain of. My gaze was locked on a warrior clad in dragon plate, his helmet down low. My opponent made a quick lunge at me, the initiative his.

Now he constantly finds himself switching back and forth each day, no one seeming the wiser.

I ignored it. Download Submission. Still, I must be strong. I reacted in a flash, sidestepping the attack and then following up with a push through my shield. Aside from that latest portrait, there was a line of important other pictures arrayed around the room, all depicting different events, such as the day I became a dragon and became a knight a few years later. My quarters were different… My bed was this… silken rag, far softer and more plush than my sheets last night. Yet, I knew I that I was going to have to open my eyes eventually and tumble out of my sheets. I sent my opponent back a few steps, metal clanging against metal.

I had these Yes, it seemed like curtains over my bed, decorated with flowers and… birds for some reason. Day 2 I awoke groggily from my sleep, feeling the world slowly come into focus, despite an unwillingness to even open my eyes. Day 1 I held my sword tight and mediate on my next action with fire coursing through my veins.

This gave him enough time to retaliate, bringing his sword up high and hitting me in the shoulder with the pommel. And… was that a story File type : Acrobat Portable Document.

I have to go to my own duchy to go to! It was but the unfortunate curse of being royalty. Since when did I get curtains? I rose from the ground, lifting myself up on all fours. My skin tone was a bit off, a minor of my heritage. My room had changed. We left the court yard, leaving our armor behind while we dressed in our finery. I accepted of course and now I was taking care of my affairs as I was leaving to meet my partner to be. However, in the days leading up to it, he finds himself trapped in the body and life of a dragon, more specifically, a lady.

Looking at the painting. My skin was a light shade of some greenish color with large nails at the ends.

I wondered for a moment if my new home in my homelands would have such a fine bed. I jerked my hand forward and made my stab, my opponent blocked with his shield, bringing it down on my blade. All of them my size. And… why did i have a bookshelf? Our armor might have protected each other against the swing of our swords, but the impact of a blade would still hurt and the right stab in the right places would have left a wound.

Prev Main Gallery Download Next. I wonder if Jeron would make a good king once I am gone. His dark hair was greying, but he still had plenty of years in him left to rule. I think our parents sometimes forget that, but I suppose he was still our father and reigning Duke for the next few years until Jeron gets old enough to ask him to step down, according to succession law. I grimaced… and rifled through my belongings.

The other warrior stumbled back and the initiative was mine. I made a decisive move and charged my opponent, knocked him down to the ground with my shield.

This was not my room. I was adopted, still of noble blood, but in exile due to a bloody coup when I was but .

I could only look at it with a strange feeling in my stomach What happened to me? Why were there so many flowers in my belongings? My brother sneered. I examined myself more… finding myself covered in some sort of large night-gown, another silken garb that I was wondering why I was wearing… and why were there holes in the back… for my wings?. He reacted too slow, age catching up to him, failing to block my next strike underneath. My body felt like I had been turned into a peach, I was… soft, wounded too easily.

Always so busy despite all the wealth in the lands. He then thrusted his own sword in retaliation, whilst I took a story with my own shield. I raised a hand to tug away at them and get out and saw a… hand. Your mother and father are waiting for you in the dining hall!

Even the day I was taken in, as nothing more than a scrawny whelp of a boy. No paint at all! My bed was larger, dragon to fit me; I think I might have been the size of a large horse if my proportions were right… My dresser and cabinets were larger as well, but… there were all sorts of flowery embellishments that bothered me.

The other warrior groaned. He fell into a heap. One of those wild beasts wild out in the mountains? It was… different. I received a missive not too long ago that the Usurpers that cast out my family had been bested and the new regime was looking forward to cement its authority through royal marriage with me.

They bothered me. Brother simply rolled his eyes. Against my sincerest wishes, I opened my eyes, blurry and heavy with sleep allure… and saw something that bothered me. Instant portraits!

And what servant gave me such… ugh, clothes? Victory… and the pride that came with it, were mine. I leapt out of my bed and tried to stand… but I then found myself falling onto the ground! We inched closer to each other, moving in a circle ever inward, ever drawn to mutual danger. Where was my armor? We take one every year and it takes forever!

It was essentially in the same place, but all of the furniture was off. Alf was looking forward to his arranged marriage, a wedding of political convenience to a complete stranger, that would restore his former lands. My brother and I were young men of course, old enough to wed and old enough to be fully trained in the arts of war.

Our father, Duke Oresta, could only sigh, standing up and donning his mail with the help of two servants.