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This was soooo delicious. God, I loved this position. I never used to. I thought it was demeaning. Rarely in my life had I felt as strong as I did when I was on my knees with my lips wrapped around his cock.

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Again Anthony was brought back to reality as Lori really started humping his cock.

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As Lori neared her orgasm, she placed her face in the pillow to muffle her screams of passion, even though there was no one in the house to hear except Anthony, why let the neighbors know. After her hands were restrained I pushed from her shoulder till she was down on her knees.

It was obvious where Lori had gotten her looks from as she moaned softly, stirring slightly as Anthony pulled the sheets down exposing her naked body. She got hooked on drugs real bad. His father had remarried after a messy divorce, and Lori was the 19 year old daughter of his new wife Alyssa.

Man she took to the submissive role quick. In time, Lori started to open up, hanging out with Anthony, and going places with him. I live in a nice house out in the country on twenty acres of land. After breakfast Anthony and Lori were about to get into some more loving when the phone rang…it was Alyssa saying that they were on their way home. She had about a B cup tit and a nice trim pussy. When he woke up he decided to go and see who was home, if anyone.

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I thought to myself. There is no other word for it. She said okay and went and took her shower. So much that she was already laying in a puddle of her juice as I thrust up into her without even teasing her. Afterward they showered, and then Lori made breakfast. The half hour drive it took us to get to my house was uneventful we just made small talk.

Lori was mortified at first, but Anthony assured Lori it would be their secret. She was fucking hot. Except for me. Her mother never gave a shit about what she did.

As I attached the collar I finally got a real good look at her. Anthony froze, expecting to be screamed at.

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I then yelled at Olivia that she could take a shower if she needed to and after she got done to come to my room I needed to talk to her. My wife and I have been married for almost 24 years now, and my wife is still a drop-dead gorgeous broad ever since we first met about 29 years earlier. Her head was titled back, her tits in her hands, and she was moaning as she humped his cock. My dick still inside her after our rough fucking last night.

About a week later Anthony was sleeping in after a late night out. Lori held his stiff cock, running her tongue up and down the shaft, sucking his balls and then making her way up again.

She asked if I would bail her out to which I of course said sure but there would be conditions. Lori was so quiet she hardly spoke to anyone.

Then an idea struck me and I smiled. I needed to bust a nut and I was gonna bust it into my slut.

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Take a little survey! Instead Alyssa grabbed the towel as Anthony stared at her beautiful tits damn she had a nice body. Which brings us to today.

Anthony gave Lori her space when necessary, but went out of his way to be her friend. And as soon as she did the rest of the family dropped her. I do have a cousin very similar to Olivia that I would like to do these depraved things to. How did I get so luck I thought.

She has long brown hair and these amazing green eyes. After I left work I went to the local sex shop and I bought some things. Just as Anthony was about to cum, Lori got off his cock asking him to fuck her ass. Anthony walked toward the bathroom, yawning and trying to get rid of the cobwebs. I enjoy my seclusion for obvious reasons. I sat back and I watched her grow up into an amazingly beautiful slut.

As I laid there beside my slut her hands still cuffed behind her back I felt the urge to take a piss.

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After cumming Lori rolled onto her back, cupping her tits in her hand, rolling her nipples between her fingers, while Anthony started running his tongue over her pussy. In fact when Liv was only 12 years old she told her mother she was having sex with guys in their thirties and forties trying to have a.

She was too busy being grateful to Anthony for all he had done for Lori. Took her and put her on birth control instead of trying to discipline her. Shortly thereafter they arrived, neither talking to one another, so Anthony and Lori laid low. After I fastened the collar I went and grabbed a pair of handcuffs from the bed and put her hands behind her back.

I laid these all out at the foot of my bed and I had just sat back down on it when I heard the shower stop and Olivia go and get dressed and come into my room. As he walked into the bathroom he looked up just as Alyssa stepped from the shower, reaching for a towel.

Source: t. After that he was quiet and I singed the paperwork and got her out of jail. Anthony closed his eyes as Lori started to deep throat him, thinking back to when she first arrived. Shortly after that Lori and Anthony began to experiment with kissing, eventually moving to caressing and petting one another, and finally it morphed into masturbating together, until it finally ended up where they were today.

How did I get so lucky? Well let me start from the beginning. As Lori started to hump him slowly it brought back the memory of their first sexual encounter. I think to myself as I lay next to my beautiful 19 year old cousin. Fuck this is the best blowjob I have gotten ever. As Lori held onto the headboard, Anthony slowly eased his cock into her ass. Your choice.

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First the head, and then the rest of his cock, or as much as he dare. I put my house up as collateral to get you out this time and I wanna make sure you stay where I can see you. My name is Thomas Summers and I am 29 years old. She just said okay. While she was in there I took the items out of the bag and placed them all in order at the foot of my bed.

You will do what I say when I say it. Lori was panting and moaning as she stuffed as many fingers into her pussy as she could, while Anthony pummeled her ass. Lori moaned again as Anthony worked his down, running his tongue up and down the length of her crack.

When she got down there I un buttoned my pants and told her to pull my zipper with her teeth. And from now on you are to refer to me only as Sir or Master understand?

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When we pulled up I told her to go on inside I had some stuff I needed to get out of the car. My cousin was busted again for drug related offenses. I never wasted a single chance to spend with her Even when she was in and out of jail. While she went in I got he bag of supplies I bought from the sex shop into the house and I set it on my bed.

Anthony told Lori to get dressed, that the parents were coming home. Alyssa was in her late forties, but she looked more like a woman in her late thirties. Concerned, he stopped and peeked inside. Need I remind you that this is your fifth offense?

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Anthony moved toward the bed, his stiff cock at the ready as he moved onto the bed between his step sisters spread legs. I was at work when I got the call from the County Lockup. So what did her mother my Aunt do?