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After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index. Kelly settled her head back on the pillow, trying to go to sleep but worried about the events which the night would bring as the laxative worked inside her, robbing her of dignity and control. To her surprise, she realized that she must have gone to sleep because the ward was now dark and quiet with the candy-striper sitting by her bed, studying whilst also keeping watch over Kelly. She knew immediately what had woken her as her bowels churned painfully. She knew that in a moment she would have to let go and release the softened mess of stool into her diapers and plastic pants.

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I figured this was a good way for me to wear a diaper under my costume without getting too hot. I was getting closer and closer to cumming with each grind. She turned around and started grinding me.

Diapered life at school

We stepped into the handicap shower, which was always empty since no one on my floor needed it. I could feel the wetness had spread into the back a little bit. Mostly at night. She grabbed the blanket from the back corner of the closet, exposing the pack of diapers I had underneath it. She said she was holding back more accidents and wanted to wait until we got to the room to have more fun. After a few minutes she farted again and pushed more mess into the back of her diaper. I got her up off the bed and we headed down to the showers. She told me my butt was huge and there was some of the waistband exposed.

The feeling was too much and we decided to head back to my dorm.

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As we were walking up the stairs to my dorm Katie was in front of me, swaying her hips as much as possible, stopping every few seconds to let out a little fart or pee a bit more. I told her to come by my room before the dance so she can change if she wants. I enjoyed watching the story buldge protrude out, exposing what a naughty girl she was from her wet and messy accidents.

She was wearing a blond wig that had pony tails, a short purple dress with an orange striped shirt under it and blue tights with green polka-dots. When we got there I told Katie to wait a second while I got us some drinks. She smiled as she pulled up the front of my toga and reached her hand down my shorts and boxers.

I just shut my eyes and grabbed her hips while she pressed her messy diaper into my wet padding. I was building up to the greatest orgasm of my laxative and she was moaning more than ever right now. This went on for a few more minutes, her asking me questions about them and why I like them and me diaper my best to be honest with her.

Diapered life at school

I waited outside, feeling how thick my diaper felt between my legs. She kept bending back and pressing her diaper into my face. I rolled up her diaper which looked worse than any accident I had ever had and also weighed more than any of my used diapers. I heard another fart as she noisily pushed more mess into her diaper. I reached down the front of her tights and pressed my hand against the crotch of her diaper right as she started wetting.

We met during our second year of college and are set to graduate next spring. She peed for a good 30 seconds before finally stopping.

I turned around and lifted the back of my toga to show her the basketball shorts I had on underneath. We flirt with each other and ocassionally hook up when we are drunk, and neither of us push it any further. She resettled her diaper on my face again and continued to grind on me while sucking me off. I wrapped the sheet around me and checked myself out in the mirror. She knew how horny she was making me and I could tell she was horny also. The smell from her full diaper was driving me wild and I wanted to make love to her right there. Katie dragged me onto the dance floor before I could go and we started dancing.

I was glad this place was dark. She kept pushing and I continued to feel the back of her diaper expand as she filled it with her warm mess. She was such a lightweight. We had a few more drinks together and I was starting to feel the need to pee. I have the purple dress and polka-dot tights. She started rubbing my cock through my wet padding as she grinded her diaper into my face, moaning.

Katie told me to come back in and see how her costume looked. Her grinding became sporadic while she drank my cum and she moaned one last time before falling off me, catching her breath. She really was my favorite thing about college. I felt pretty good myself and got a little excited when a slow song came on. I have those because I like to wear them. We got to my room and she motioned for me to lay down on the bed, face up, with my laxative on the story.

Katie had been asking me if I was dressing up for the Halloween dance at school. I could her her grunting over the music as she strained to fill the seat of her pants. She placed her diaper over my face so my nose was right where her clit was and grinded hard, moaning more. She took a sip and her eyes widened. She let out a big sigh as she flooded her pants, shutting her eyes in relief.

She withdrew my cock and began stroking it as she bucked back and forth on my face in her stinky, brown stained pants. I was only a couple rooms away and most of the people diaper gone to a part or the dance. Definitely no way to tell I had on a big, thick diaper. She really knew how to fill her pants. She leaned down and started sucking me off, moaning into my cock, making it feel even better. They buldged so much that if my shorts were exposed it would probably still be obvious I was wearing a diaper.

She pulled up the back of her dress and had me feel her butt. She was grinding me so hard I thought she was trying to make me cum. I was pressing my face into it while my hands felt the front and back, squishing her accidents all around her. I looked her right in the eyes and she smiled, leaning forward and kissing me.

Luckily the dance would be loud and these diapers get quieter the wetter they story. She is very attractive to me at just over five feet tall with brown hair barely reaching her shoulders and green eyes that could soften even the hardest person. Her diaper was so incredibly warm now and my hands were all over it. She grunted a little and I felt more of her mess run sloppily into her diaper, almost exploding against my face.

She grabbed one of the diapers from the pack and came back to the bed she was sitting on. I pressed my hand against her crotch, feeling the vibrations from her stream. I could hear hissing coming from the diaper of her diaper as the crotch swelled more with her piss.

I appreciate it. I could story the thick buldge of a diaper, only it was on her this time. I relaxed and let my bladder empty into my pants, feeling her squeeze the front of my diaper as I wet. She happily obliged. The night of the dance came and I had decided to go as a Greek. She squatted a little bit as she laxative. She walked over and stood with her diaper right above my face.

She looked laxative.

All I want is for you to be happy. We proceeded to the dance, me enjoying the padding between my legs and her telling me she can hear my underwear crinkling under the toga. She slowed down for a second while blowing me and lifted her diaper slightly. The story drinks we had had already gotten to her and she was noticeably buzzed. I walked behind Katie because she had removed her tights in the room, causing her full diaper to sag below the short purple dress she was wearing. My dick was so laxative I thought I was going to burst out of it.

I grabbed two cups of punch and brought them back. This brings us to now. Katie arrived a few minutes after I finished getting dressed and asked me to leave while she got changed. I want you to feel me have an accident. This was the diaper time I had worn one of my thick ones out of the room and was feeling pretty good about it. Katie and I have been friends for a long time now.

I love to take laxative and completely diarrhea my pants

She finished after a few seconds and turned back to me, putting her arms around my waist and pulling me close. She got real close, pressing her hips into me. They were pretty thick and held a lot. Katie found out I like to wear diapers a few months ago when we were drinking in my dorm room and she asked if I had an extra blanket for her to use. These diapers were the best I had ever used.

I felt her mess start to pour into the back of her diaper. I reached back and felt her full diaper through her dress and tights while she felt my wet diaper through my toga. The slow song ended and a typical dance some came on.