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The game in question is a recently released sci-fi epic available on Xbox One, PS4 and last-gen consoles.

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Can i jump right to that? Trending Thre.

If you like it then buy the legendary edition which was just on sale. Worth it IMO. Oct 25, 13, Oct 26, 3, Do you mean destiny 1 or destiny 2?

I would not unless you have a group to play with. Oct 25, 3, Chicago, IL. I wouldn't - my friend and I did the first 3 campaigns in Destiny 2 original and first two DLCs for free before they got "vaulted" and found them pretty dull. Oct 25, 3, Chicago. Oct 26, 6, New light groundwork is a half assed mess, imo and a regression of the D2 campaign that at least tried to tell a narrative, as boring and predictable as it was.

JDSpades Member.

In , is it worth it to try to start destiny's story mode?

TheChrisGlass Member. Absolutely not. Gaming Forum. Oct 25, Ontario. Oct 25, 2, Los Angeles, CA. There's someone who they hired, whose entire job is to handle the lore.

There is literally something for every type of player now. Or just jump in and start shooting shit? The second one? Mocha Joe Member. That alone scares me away. Oct 27, 2, Destiny 2 is free to play. Thread starter Slayven Start date Sep 13, Forums Discussion Gaming Forum. Oct 25, 4, Story in Destiny sucks.

The destiny 2 new player experience sucks right now, thanks to vaulting

JDSpades said:. Inis it worth it to try to start Destiny's story mode? The way the game is set up is honestly a mess for new players. Saucycarpdog Member. I wouldn't bother. Oct 27, 30, FlikBlueLightning said:. They're p fun. The story for destiny is incredible but it is a lot of moving bits and pieces.

It's brilliant. I agree.

Now I don't have to touch the damn game again. Oct 25, 1, Slayven said:. Go in, try some story, try some strikes, etc. Praedyth Member. Main story is gone. I would just watch the story on YouTube at this point. Sai The Fallen. Feb 25, 3, Brazil. Gamer Heart Member. You are using an out of date browser. Because "back alley" vendor sounds like how d2 was a year ago.

Destiny 2’s new player experience sucks right now, thanks to its story

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. EtcetEra Forum.

The d2 opening campaign is stuffed in a content vault. EtcetEra Hangouts. BossAttack Member.

Open new ticket Watched. Click to expand Vimes Member.

Rickenslacker Member. Your best bet will be watch recap videos on Destiny 1 major story points, then some on D2 once you've completed the story stuff available now. Hide Images. Surviving d2 campaigns you start by just landing on the right planet. Arsic said:. Oct 25, 10, Arsic Member.

Top Bottom. We bought Forsaken and Shadowkeep and never touched them - in fact, I went through Forsaken and Shadowkeep solo a few weeks ago and they were a slog and even boring at times, Shadowkeep especially. Saucycarpdog said:. Jun 2, 1, FlikBlueLightning Avenger.

Forsaken is definitely worth a try. Story in Destiny 2 during the years I played it has been largely been unrewarding either felt like fluff where it all goes by so fast without any real buildup and the contents of the missions were puddle deep, or nonsensical.

Log in. I woulda recommended it if it existed. To make it harder you need all the lore from D1 which is massive, and then all the lore from D2, except the D2 stuff has been taken out for a huge chunk of it to be reworked. Think of it as a glorified demo.

Oct 25, 7, The first one? Oct 25, 66, You know find the back alley woman that allows you start it and everything. Includes all 3 latest expansions. Latest thre. The main story is bleh but The Taken King expansion has the best one from that game. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

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Gaming Hangouts. D1 plays awfully worse than D2 and none of your progress will carry over. Rickenslacker said:. If you want to play those to understand the story now on D2, I will definitely recommend watching a video rather than playing. Mocha Joe said:. Start it up with an intention of jumping on the treadmill, or just stick to YouTube videos, unless you have friend to at through the good game underneath the constant exposition dumps before after and during missions.