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This happened just after the holidays before we knew about the viruswhen we were on our way back to Los Angeles from visiting my folks in Chicago. Me and my girlfriend have a fairly normal sex life nowadays, although she does have this incredible wild side that comes out occasionally…. I put what came down next to the fact that alcohol makes her incredibly frisky.

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Ran all the way down my leg to my shoe and sock and even had a couple of spurts on the floor.

Cum in pants stories

Whilst chatting to her it went off in my pants, I had grey joggers on and it was in public too, very obvious but a very well needed release. Just love the feel and texture. I walked away from the cooler, but soon I had cum running down my leg out the leg of my cut-offs. I started making out with one of my friends, and he kept rubbing me through my pants when we were sitting at the bar. Went to a bookstore at lunchtime got a bit too excited watching the movies,leaked into my undies had to be discreet during the afternoon.

When I was very young my first gf would sometimes get on my lap and grind on my erection while we were making out. It was such a turn on. I decided to go back to by the cooler to see if my mess was still there on the floor. Could feel my hardon leak a little. I exploded in my jeans right as the server was bringing dessert! Made it back to my car and started driving home. Last night I went to the store to grab a few things.

I know she couldn't avoid seeing my tented jeans and the little wet spot from my leaking dick. Hard, leaking, my cock being stroked while everyone walking around-made me VERY horny.

Coming in your pants: stories

A friend of mine was sitting across from me, and he slipped off his shoe and put his socked foot in my lap. Registering is fast, easy and free. Eventually I shot my load in my pants right in front of my friends, and I managed to keep it hidden from all but the friend who gave me the footjob. Wearing panties under my cut-offs were just really exciting and by the time I had got worked around the store back to the milk cooler, I was really close to an orgasm.

At home, had to park on the street, so with people walking around, had to be careful to get into the house without showing off the big cum stain soaking my crotch. Looked down and saw the cum starting to stain through my khakis. I hurried home and had another great orgasm.

The time my g[f] (27) made [m]e (29) cum in my pants on a plane [mf]

Again, I think only the friend playing with me knew. All of a sudden, I was over the edge and pumping. Had to go wipe up as soon as we landed. Was so fun. Here I was with a wet stain on my cut-offs and cum running down my leg. Luckily no one was around to see me shudder with pleasure! Always stroked me when I walked, so would have to do a lot of frequent window-shopping, standing to give my dick a rest.

Eventually I couldn't hold back and shot my load in my pants in the club around all my friends. Posted on PM. Does anyone have any good stories where they came in their pants? When walking, my cock would naturally slide up and down.

Last edited by al60 on PM. I came in my pants in the airport once. Only registered users are permitted to participate in message board discussions. Everyone thought I was really excited about that damn pie! Had to be careful to stop. Once, we went to dinner with some friends, he sat across from me and had his foot in my crotch the entire time!

One time I lubed up and put on a small jackoff sleeve I held it up in place with my briefs, put on my khakis and went out to run errands. I sort of set myself up for this.

I met a celebrity that I have always fantasised about fucking beverley callard if anyone know who I'm on about. It fit's your request. I have been into cumming into my pants since I was old enough to ejaculate! Usually it made me cum in my pants. He'd rub my cock in movie theaters, or while watching TV at home.

On our last date I was able to get my dick out so she could give me a proper HJ before she got me to hot to stop her rubbing my dick through my pants. When I was in my early 20s I had gf who while necking in my car, she would rub my dick through my pants. I accidentally came in my pants at work once.

I had my first girlfriend when I was When we were alone together my young dick was always stiff in my pants. I was using a heavy duty mixer that was on a table that came right up to cock level. Felt my warm goo fill my pants.

Another time I was at a club with a few friends.

Cum in pants stories

I had a boyfriend once who loved to make me cream my pants! Parked and got out to walk some errands.

I was flying to Germany about 10 years ago and the guy next to me was asleep. I have tons of stories. Index » Masturbation » Jackin Material » cumming in pants stories. The mixer made the table vibrate so hard, my cock pressed against the tables edge and I ejaculated into my underwear almost immediately! While driving in the car, with slight thrusts of my hips, I could slide my cock back and forth in the sleeve.


By then, though, even moving between gas and break pedal would stroke my cock and push me closer to the edge. By that time my semen was cold and starting to dry. Find out more about becomming a JackinChat member. She allowed me to feel her tits, but only through her blouse, and her legs below her shorts.

Cum in pants stories

Hell of a mess thou. Was at a rugby match and went for a piss at half time, I noticed a bloke looking over and I started to stiffen up, he just smiled with a knowing look as I folded the thing into my jeans and as I did so I came what felt like buckets into my briefs- I think it was the first time anyone had looked at my dick and of course I liked it. I kept trying to get him to stop since we were with a group of guys, but he would start up again.

I can remember a time when I was younger watching tv and a hot chick was on a sitcom and I was so in to her next thing I know my cock was so hard I blew just sitting on the couch. In school I was at the library with some friends, and we were sitting at a study table.

The time my g[f] (27) made [m]e (29) cum in my pants on a plane [mf]

We would kiss and pet. I had been away for 10 days sharing a room with my family so I was backed up. One night we were really into it, deep kissing and letting our hands roam. Damn, that was a great squirt! Nobody around me noticed? Perhaps you were fooling around with a gf nd you blew or watching something hat made your cock explode?

Coming in your pants: stories

I will just share a couple here that fit your description, though. I rubbed up and down on the meal tray until I blew a thick wad in my pants. I guess she could not handle a real HJ, so that was our last date. I decided to move and head down a abandoned aisle.

I round the end of the aisle and there are these 2 college age girls looking at the floor and giggling. Kept getting tougher to control.

This is a story I posted a few years ago here. Of course I did not have the power to stop her until she made me cum in my pants. Sponsored Links. Of course I got hard right away, and he was slowly rubbing my boner through my pants with his socked foot all the time we were studying. I've started wearing panties more.

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