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So anyways, he called me in his office and had me close the door. Smith told me to sit down in his chair so he could show me something on his computer. He caught me staring and chuckled and said, is something wrong? This time I could see it was hard. He put his hand on my shoulder and slowly lowered it down my back. I was soaking wet.

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Sharing her is a big step in your relationship.

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This is about the past year of my life. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My girlfriend blows whoever she wants and I get to see it, hear it and feel it. The lights were off, she was in doggy style sucking his cock, while I was inside her and trust me I have never felt anything like it, she was so wet and open, it was like she could have taken a massive cock.

Like you said, it took your sex life to a whole new level. No kissing, no touching my pussy or butt, just blowjobs.

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At this point, jade got on her hands and knees, unzipped him and pulled his trousers down, and began blowing him. All the unblurred images are in the membership, along with lo of others. I would try it With my wife ;- can you sent me the unblurred images from Jade? He was touching her naked body, she was moaning and deep throating him and before I knew it he came and gave her a throatpie, she swallowed every drop without removing him from her mouth. Most people like to keep things a little private and the membership allows that.

I explained everything to him and he admitted that he had had the same thoughts with past girlfriends. You two just be comfortable with what your doing. Its so fucking hot, wish i was dat frnd of urz. Update: I asked and she said I can post a pic with her face blurred:.

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Not to forget before this she was okay at sucking dick, now my girlfriend soon to be wifecan deep-throat, spit, gag, play and suck balls, swallow any load no matter the size and all without messing up her makeup and hair. Although it was my biggest fantasy, at first I wasn't sure if I could go through with cuckolding but once we did it, I was amazed at how good it made me feel.

He was staying at our place and just as we got in bed, Jade started fucking me, loud, she obviously wanted him to hear. I wanted to take it slow and asked if we could think of ways to try it without doing everything, she said:. She is the love of my life and I love sharing our encounters here.

He let out a massive moan and took his cock out and let him cum all over her dress, face, and carpet floor. What You Should Read Next O wow!

She was confused and nothing came of it until a few weeks later, I guess she was horny and while cuddling in bed she asked me about my fantasy. Have fun with it.