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Hello readers, This is sanjana sharma. Im presently living in Hyderabad. This story describes how I fucked with my friend in front of husband and making him the real cuckold.

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So, you did wait up for me after all! First, a little introduction. First Time Hotwife Experience Her first time being shared.

We have been through a lot together, but our relationship is stronger than ever, if perhaps a little unconventional. It had been a few years since the idea of sharing her with someone else had started to tug at his mind, a year or so since she had started reading the stories and ing i I was about five years into a great marriage to an amazing ebony goddess, way out of my league. The scenery included women of mostly under the age This is the first fictional work my wife and I have worked on together.

She slipped a note and a small silver key into the already addressed envelope before licking it and sealing it shut. She stopped briefly in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom.

Annie's tale: cuckolding my husband

His sex drive was pret After an incident-free wedding, beautiful ceremony and fabulous reception, we catch up with Nick and Taylah two days into their honeymoon. I was becoming accustomed to my place in our relationship after my recent training weekend. Let me shut the door and put my bag down first.

We got along great and had many common interests.

Two days in, Nick watches as Taylah is fucked on the beach. Write Your Own Story.

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She had made me promise to let her fuck another man. Taking Karen Taking my friend's girlfriend and making her mine. It also follows some of the things we are Devotion Andrea was dressed for work and running late. Filter Genres. Taylah stretched out naked across the large king-size bed. She has a petite build while I am five foot eight, Hispanic, and both of us are in great shape.

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But it could never happen, he loved her. I realised how happy my wife, Mary, was getting her sexual satisfaction from her lover and my boss, Robert, while I was their submissive weekend cuckold, servin They were both nervous as they got ready. Coming Home The first of my standalone short stories. I was in my mid 40's and away from home attending a business conference for a week.

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Devotion Ch. On the Patio Part 1 Girlfriend discovers cuckolding. Just wait!

I didn't realised she would take me up on it. Keep your hands to yourself.


Older prim and proper hotwife Never judge a book by it's cover. Why hello, baby! Nervous but excited at the same time.

Dave And Rita When she catches her husband in the act, Rita rewrites the script. You kept your promise.

My unfaithful wife

Her wet hair hung down straggly towards the He and Karen were old friends. The Hall Pass - Part 4 The wedding over, the honeymoon begins. Wait for me to get in! We grew up in conservative, religious homes in the Little Rock area, but went to different high schools, and d for Free!

Just wait. He was a red-blooded male, married for over a decade. Almost as much as I loved eating pussy. Ciara and I are more open-minded about our relations Renee is an attractive five-foot-three blonde with thirty-four D breasts. Introduction Ciara and I have now been married for almost ten years.


We had worked with each other for five years while married to different people. Persuading My Faithful Wife to Cuckold Me Hubby's new libidinous desires causes him to persuade his faithful wife to cuckold him.

It is loosely based around something that happened to another Hotwife and Stag couple we are friends with.

While the days were filled with meetings and presentations there were plenty of opportunities to take in the scenery. The sex was plentiful, and she really loved sucking cock.

She w Chapter 1 You click on the link and it le to a video on Xhamster.