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The drunk crowd of boys all cheered back and followed him as he left the hotel bar. Having just completed their final year in university, the six boys were all part of the college football team. Now they were keen to get down to the pool and check out the offerings in this massive, luxury, all-inclusive hotel resort. The boys shared a large room with six single beds, three on each side of a long luxury room with a huge balcony overlooking the pool.

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His whole life, Matt had been the ripped and slender athlete but he had always had an eye for fat men.

The truth about beer and your belly

Standing at 6 feet and weighing probably well over lbs, he sported a protruding beer belly around his beer and perky softened pecs, neither of which he made any attempt to hide while clothed. Matt felt like his clothes were shrinking, even though it was his body that was story larger. He excused himself to the bathroom to get a closer look.

He quickly lifted his shirt and noticed a soft layer of extra pudge. The sensation was overwhelming. He did his best to hide his hard on as he left the bathroom. He was completely addicted, a slave to his fetish. Matt gave Jay belly for being a little on the tubby side and Jay returned the favor by often pointing out that Matt was losing his ripped physique. His ass cheeks were packed into his tight jeans, the button threatening to fly off.

He looked down to see his shirt noticeably tighter. Some time had passed since Matt settled into his slightly pudgier body and he was unfortunately finding it difficult to get past the first 15 pounds. Jay on the other hand had always had a nice potbelly. Undoing the button on his pants was such a sweet relief.

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He wondered in a frenzy if he should mention anything yet or wait for Jay to comment, if he even would. And tonight he was going to make it happen. The buttons were barely hanging on and large, oval shaped gaps were forming between them. He put his hands on his belly and squeezed his fat. The buttons on his shirt were beginning to strain as well. During the last year, he had managed to gain a respectable 15 pounds, covering his formerly shredded abs with a bit of a belly but no one would have called him fat or probably even noticed. The two men lifted their shirts and Matt looked into the reflective surface as if in slow motion.

Their overfed bellies stuck out towards each other like mirror images, almost touching.

He had always lusted after that body and now he was just as fat! He began to feel disappointed and foolish until about 20 minutes later…. He kept imagining he felt his belly expanding, but would look down to discover it looked exactly the same.

What have you been eating? Matt looked at the innocuous little pill.

He put his other hand up his shirt and squeezed the small freshman 15 belly he had acquired. This was actually real… the pill worked! Matt knew he wanted to be bigger. Throughout high school, he considered himself an encourager but gradually came to realize that he himself wanted to be bigger. On his way back to Jay, he grabbed his fourth beer. It felt amazingly good to Matt, his sensitive, newly pudged up stomach feeling almost electrified.

Matt felt waves ripple through his thick fat and became even more aroused. Right in front of Jay. It was now or never though… he needed that shocked reaction to his weight gain. Matt estimated that he had to be close to pounds, maybe more. He wondered if this pill would actually work. Matt felt a distinct double chin on his face now and his cheeks felt puffy and fat. The more he thought about it, the more he allowed himself to realize the absurdity of it.

His jaw dropped when he was the of their comparison. He breathed deeply and then took a sip, discovering that it had given the beer a distinctly sweet tinge. His love handles seemed to jiggle for a full second after everything else had stopped. Jay glanced over at him.

Immediately upon sitting, he felt that same sensation again.

Belly confessions

He reached down and pinched his fresh belly fat… it felt so thick and rubbery. He wore a button down shirt and a pair of jeans that were already a bit snug. He hesitated for a moment before dropping the tiny pill into the beer and watching as it dissolved quickly. As Jay flipped through the music stations, Matt felt a sudden, noticeable expansion in his gut, as though he had just consumed a huge meal.

Beerbelly stories

Had this been a mistake? Matt tried to focus on other things but all he wanted to do was rub his new fat. Jay laughed and they changed the subject.

He must have put on about ten pounds of pure fat. After about 20 minutes, Matt felt that warm sensation again.

Stuffedbelly stories

As Matt gained weight, he made sure Jay was aware. This would completely belly his body. Right in his hands he felt his belly expand, this warm sensation of ecstasy spreading across his increasingly tubby torso. He had dressed for the occasion. His jeans felt so story. His body tingled with excitement and nerves. How much had he gained already? Matt felt his belly spill out and felt how truly fat he had become in just the last hour. He knew Jay was getting a buzz off of his beer so he decided to take advantage of the opportunity that presented itself. He downed his beer as quickly as possible, not giving himself a change to back out of his decision.

Maybe he should have done this alone. It was another routine night. He was now committed to becoming a fat man. The indent of his deeper belly button was visible through his shirt. He was the same size as his tubby friend now! As their circle of friends shrank due to dropouts and beers, they got to know each other better and upgraded from acquaintances to friends once they learned how much they had in common.

I need to hit the gym. It was time to test the waters.

Male wg stories spot #wgfiction — the fattening by bearbellyco

And right then his transformation begun again. He suddenly felt embarrassed. He expected to feel like this at … not this early on in the night. He could barely contain himself; the transformation had begun. Matthew and Jay had been buddies since the beginning of their college journey together.

Jay had already turned his attention back towards the TV but Matt glanced in the mirror and saw that he now looked even fatter than Jay. A panic washed over him as he thought about how much bigger he was still going to become. He walked over to the big mirror by the front door, feeling his love handles jiggle slightly and avoided looking at his reflection just yet.

I gotta unbutton my pants, man.

His body expanded and fattened all over, his jeans becoming seriously tight.