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This is due to high caselo and a lack of time to do the good work we want to for our families. The first was a principal child and family social worker in every council, who would be involved in some direct work as well as management. I asked them not to and they agreed to. She is, however, incredibly grateful to those who reached out privately. Obviously totally irresponsible or malicious behaviour deserves to be punished. I had no idea how to react. He cites the way teachers and police officers are currently highlighting the impact of cuts to their services.

Because the one thing that any good social work requires is time. Although the SCR made clear that mistakes had been made across all services, the political and media furore that followed focused almost entirely on the social workers and their boss, Sharon Shoesmith. We social workers can teachers and health professionals who have been in the stocks for decades?!?

There were clearly a of children brought into care during this panic that should not have been.

Middle managers were terrified that the buck would stop with them if bad decisions were made. It called on council leaders to take more responsibility for giving social workers the right conditions to practice effectively, and Ofsted to focus inspections on social work practice, not just paperwork. Daniel Pelka was fairly horrifically discussed in the media, but not by the secretary of state for education.

It was all out there. Christou says she is still learning to make the best of things. The first day a journalist knocked on her punishment door, was the last she ever practised in a profession that she says she loved and still misses to this day.

Initially Christou harboured hopes of returning to social work but eventually, she concluded that the brutal hit her confidence had taken would make it impossible for her to do the job well. Christou was told she would be sacked along with the other social care staff involved in the case.

This is not to say that it is baby easy, but to describe it as a simple positive is wrong. But some argue that none of the institutions involved — the press, the politicians or the social work profession — have been tested to the same extremes they were back in and It was again the social workers who got targeted, not the other agencies. When the Staffs Hospital scandal broke, a little bit of me felt that now nurses may know how it felt to be labelled as ineffective, inefficient and downright wicked simply because of belonging to a certain profession, and with the situation usually having been reported inaccurately and simplistically with no treatment of the complexities and constraints upon the professionals in the field.

Social workers became story in their practice, focused on following procedures rather than what would most make a difference to children. This did not lead to a targeting and widespread condemnation of all pediatricians as happened to social workers.


The resulting investigations revealed that over an eight-month period he had been seen 60 times by social workers from Haringey council, doctors and police. But because the press coverage was so big it felt like there was suddenly another huge barrier to get through before you could have conversations with people about their own children. This was irrespective of whether we had allegedly erroneously removed or had failed to do so.

For months she ed a social worker who was going through a similar experience, albeit without the same degree of press attention, and every time she hears of a serious case review she remembers how isolating it can feel for the social workers involved. Why this child of all the others I had responsibility for?

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I completely agree. He wants social work to do the same. Days of national headlines became weeks, and then weeks became months. No, we social workers have nothing to learn about having to deal with unfounded criticism and widespread misunderstanding.

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That everyone is more cautious around CP is a positive as no one wants to be left with blood on their hands. If social workers feel got at then they can teachers and health professionals who have been in the stocks for decades. The authorities that have been rated outstanding by Ofsted have got tiny caselo. Here is just one random example of the harm caused by playing it safe:. He hung a whole profession out to the wind for his short-term political gain.

However Christou and Ward were not barred from being social workers. Ten years ago month-old Peter Connelly was found dead in his cot after months of cruelty from those who were meant to care for him most.

The police were very risk averse too, so we were going out on t visits all over the place for things that should not have needed the police and protection social worker turning up at your door. Documents disclosed during her legal fight revealed the behind-the-scenes manoeuvring in Whitehall and agencies that led to her sacking. The impact was felt across the frontline.

I remember a presentation at the time from an epidemiologist who clarified that annual stats parent on child violence consistently showed year on year decline. But treatment work had become about processing and referring-on, not helping. However the story are predictable and will always look to simplify complex stories, this should not of been a surprise.

By the time that case finished Christou had shelved any hopes of re-ing the profession. It was perhaps important that Shoesmith won a judicial review for unfair dismissal. Jones says there remains little understanding or recognition of the strain social workers and councils are under, and the profession itself needs to find ways to challenge that. Social work needs to grow up and stand up on its own. Both Christou and Shoesmith are glad that what they feel is a more complete picture of the Baby P case has emerged in recent years than that which dominated the front s for so long.

As long as children are protected the motivating factors driving this are baby. Christou has never before spoken publicly at length about her own experiences of the Baby P fallout because she punishments she never wanted to be portrayed as a victim. She and Ward launched an unsuccessful legal challenge to their sackings, arguing Haringey had dismissed them unfairly.

They also credit a handful of journalists who they feel took the time to dig deeper into the case. Initially there was confusion about how Peter had died.

Courts could punish paedophiles on intent not harm

There are baby examples of punishments showing caution aka assuming that the parents are guilty with disastrous consequences aka the huge rise in children being accommodated following the Baby P story and later stabilising which cannot be a coincidence. Christou feels there has been less naming and shaming of social workers by the national media since her own stories.

Professionals failed miserably in this case and died as a result. When she looks back, Christou feels BASW and other sector bodies should have done more to stand up publicly for the Haringey social workers during the height of the Baby P furore. But she believes they could and should have focused on arguing that the social workers should receive a fair treatment. Christou says that while few individual social workers spoke out publicly in support during the height of the Baby P furore, having done the job for 25 years and seen other high profile cases hit the headlines she can understand why.

I felt numb and defeated. In the meantime, politicians commissioned a series of reviews of the social work profession following a second Laming report. Shoesmith says that the Baby P fallout means social workers have woken up to their vulnerability to those political and media forces, but she is not yet confident the profession knows what to do about it. By this time the media quest to find a new angle to the story meant more attention was being paid to the issues around high caselo, inadequate IT systems and problems with recruitment and retention of social workers.

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They failed to keep adequate records. Ed Balls awful role in the witch hunt was typical of New Labour in bowing down to whatever Murdoch and his papers wanted. It commissioned Professor Eileen Munro, a former social worker and highly respected academic at the London School of Economics, to carry out a root and branch review of child protection.

The most vicious attacks named and shamed the social workers, who were eventually sacked. The Sun promoted a vicious campaign which led their readers to feel more anger towards the social workers than the actual perpetrators. How had this happened?

Ed Balls, then education secretary, ordered the removal of Shoesmith live on TV. A lot of those children are still in care now.

Community care hears how the death of peter connelly, and the media storm that followed, has had a lasting impact on child protection

As a result they became more interventionist and less inclined to work to support families to bring about change Each one of those is who has been the subject of major life-affecting decisions, as a direct result of tabloid hysteria. The GSCC issued the pair with suspensions after concluding that their errors were not serious enough for them to be struck off.

Ward had failed to visit Peter often enough. Munro also recommended the creation of two new roles. He is the real victim and at the hand of those supposed to love and care for him he too experienced disbelief, shock, terror, confusion, fear, battering, sadness, physical pain, numbness, frustration and more.

The realisation over the next few days of what seemed to be unfolding was the next shock to my system. Munro found social services had become so obsessed with complying with procedures and regulations that professional skill, and a basic focus on relationships, had been eroded in social work. It got 1. They are not wicked and they do not deserve to be lambasted by the tabloids.

They also need to voice their concerns more publicly because no one else will on their behalf. The media responses were a reflection of their desperation for market share rather than any higher moral values. Absolutely sickens me very time I see his face in the media. The other professionals have enough to deal with themselves.