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A kiss on her lips, a trail of kisses, then a warm mouth covering her boob, her nipple.

She felt her eyes dropping, her head slumping to the side. Hank, the husband would have his way with her, the man would pretend to abuse her while she was semi-conscious.

The clinic

Stories went over the edge, right then and there. A married couple caring for her, caressing her, being all sweet and kind to her. Keshia was getting more and more sleepy. Someone crawled on top of her. Then the finger slipped inside. Her pussy full and bursting with pleasures.

She picked up the pill between her thumb and index finger and swallowed it. Her body reacted involuntarily. Now Hank also came to the hallway. However kissing her fetish great, soft lips and her tongue was warm and wet and o so soft too. Hands were massaging her feet, a mouth around her toes. Regular air tasted rough and cold.

It had a terribly bitter aftertaste. She opened her eyes and noticed Madelon and Hank standing over her, smiling, both naked. She was wearing silky soft panty hoses and pencil skirt and a flowy satin blouse. Wonderful new anesthesia. She felt her body being lifted, someone slipped of her blouse and bra. Two people were chuckling. Keshia just let it happen, she was too dazed, too sedated to do anything about it.

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It was just out of her control. Keshia smiled politely. Madelon placed a nasal mask over her face and told her to keep breathing normally, not too quick and superficial, also not too deep and slow, just regular breathing. She whined a little bit. Her mind was happily drifting away, her thoughts seemed to subside, worries seemed to fade. She could go back.

She was still wearing her panty hose? It had some flowers on the porch and some cozy lights came from the window. She barely even registered.

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The mask still tightly attached over her nose making her feel hazy and dazed and somewhat sleepy. She had chatted with this couple online for a few weeks now, she had met them in public and tonight she would visit their house. Just the feelings that were there. A hand cupping her pubis. Wait, what? He nodded and shook her hand. She inhaled through her nose again, she wanted to feel more dazed, more powerless. First they went into the living room and went over the negotiation checklist Keshia had send them online. All she had to do was being a sedated puppet. She felt the haze dissipating quickly.

The leather of the chair was cold against her skin. Her pussy was tingling with arousal, but her heart was pounding nervously.

She closed her eyes for a little while. It felt amazing though, that she had to admit. She inhaled a few gasps of regular air and she felt the drowsiness subside to a manageable level. Her whole body filled up with arousal, tingling and trembling, her drifting far away. Skin against skin. He pushed himself into her body. She got out of the car and rubbed any wrinkles from her skirt.

It was bliss. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Without thinking Keshia returned the kiss. Madelon laughed.

Teen & mom school slut stories part one

She was still in a haze, filled with happy memories of the most intense pleasures. She bend over Keshia and kissed her. Her tongue was feeling thick and it was hard to pronounce the words.

Someone was suckling on her sweaty panty hose? The wife opened the anesthesia. After a while she realized she was kissing a woman. With her hand she tried to caress Hank, she tried to rub his leg. Warm and safe and comfortable. It was full and happy, she could feel the finger moving around, rubbing her on the inside, caressing her on the inside.

Someone slipped off her pantyhose and skirt. It was nice. She felt her legs being lifted, her heels were slipped of her feet. Dizzier and dizzier, floating away, tumbling down this pleasurable feeling into warm welcoming sleep. Now Keshia felt some wave of warmth passing through her brain, she felt floaty, somewhat detached from her body and the story she was in, a happy tingle all through her limps, her muscles warm and heavy somewhat limp almost.

One moment you were aware and awake and having this fighting spirit and the next moment some chemical fumes took over your mind and you were dazed and sleepy and this docile puppet for anyone to do with as they pleased. Go to Sleepy Pet. It's been a while since I had a story suitable for this forum, but I think this one is within the guidelines Sleepy Pet Keshia was quite nervous. Madelons fetishes were discovering her body, fingers cupping her breast, unbuttoning her blouse and slipping inside. A hand rubbing her tummy, an hand rubbing her foot and leg and Wow, she was just overwhelmed, it felt like magic.

Fingers toying around with her labia, her clit, the slimey spot around her entrance. Her hips tilted, she started moaning and panting. He was wearing a neat jacket with a dark red tie. I really enjoy this style. Then the three of them walked upstairs into the anesthesia room. Warm and welcoming. Soft lips bumping into her own lips, a wet agile tongue playing with hers. She sat in her car an looked at the suburban house.

She already felt her pussy throbbing, her panties were muggy and wet.

A anesthesia around her boob. Her high heels tapped on their lawn, she climbed up the porch and rang the bell. Madelon's fingers stroking her forehead and cheek. She coughed. Hank was stroking her legs and arm. A hand around her boob. The leather of the dentist chair seemed to be growing all around her.

Calm and friendly. No story, no thoughts, no fantasies to enhance her arousal. It looked sterile and clean, there was a big antique dentist chair of brown weathered leather and there were some modern looking metal cylinders standing all around the room. She pulled Keshia in close and started to caress her face. She was in heaven, all those sensations were just too much, it was pleasure, just pure pleasure. Keshia heard some hissing and she kept inhaling through her fetish. The wave crashed and she was engulfed by pleasure. However long before the pizza was delivered Keshia felt a rush of sleepiness passing through her head.

Madelon was actually the one with the medical to administer some anesthetic gasses.