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Carissa glanced awkwardly around at the group of young women. Though they were in a group, each seemed to be standing alone, avoiding eye contact with the others and blushing if noticed. The source of their discomfort was fairly clear.

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I was already worried but my mother nodded prompting her to continue. Moments later we were moving through the revolving doors and into the huge foyer. My mum quickly handed over the two pieces to paper which she studied for about 40 seconds before added a quick mark on the last blank row. What could I do? My father seemed please somebody had come to the rescue as he like me had stopped and stared after entering. The silence was the worst part, we had been driving for over an hour and yet the only words spoken were short observations made by my parents in the front.

I had now managed to gain some composure, rubbing my tears away from my eyes and looking over to Lucy. I was starting to hope that maybe my parents would decide that none of these systems suited and that we would go home and I would be grounded like my past punishments. This then rebuilds their respect for you while providing a deterrent for them not to misbehave.

These huge social issues had led to shows that would have once been condemned as inappropriate or even child-abuse to be deemed necessary and in a lot of cases actively encouraged. I thought she was out shopping but this assumption proved to be a big mistake. While looking similar, my brown hair came down to just below my shoulders whereas she wore her blond hair up in a scrunchy. You will be forced to wet and mess your nappies, wear baby clothes, be fed baby food, drink from a bottle and sleep in a crib.

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Clothing styles. However I was most definitely wrong, as was my sister when she found out she would be ing me. Above each of these sections hung a huge decrypting the system of punishment I was not looking at this as correction anymore it represented.

Today was in fact the first day of our summer holiday yet instead of enjoying our freedom with friends we were on route to the massive exhibition centre outside the city. But how does it actually work? That thought alone made me turn beat red with embarrassment. Arriving at the counter I stood next to my parents as the woman behind began to speak after obviously waiting for us to arrive. Forced wetting and messing for whole period.

Punishment for misbehaving. Ideal for correcting ongoing but minor misbehaving or lack of respect. Nappy style and capacity. After all on paper they seemed to be incredibly affective. Firstly as a level 4 you will be regressed back in almost every way to that of an infant. These shows had started, fuelled as parents becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of self-control, respect and responsibility teenagers were showing along diaper teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and under 18 crime reaching all-time highs.

At 15 she normally really got on my nerves but today however we were in this together, both waiting with worried trepidation about what our fate would be for the next 2 months. I got out of the car with no haste, I even delayed the process of closing the door but after a sharp look from my mother quickly closed it and sped up to catch up with the three of them as they headed for the main entrance. Cloth is thicker but means you have to wash it and well, it can get adult messy. I was taken aback but still was struggle to see what she meant.

This process continued as we moved deeper into the hall, reading the titles as we went I noticed that it seemed the punishments systems were getting more severe. Teen must be in thick nappies for the punishment period of punishment. Baby clothing to be worn at all times. The rain lashed against the window of the car as we sped up the motorway, it seemed today the weathers mood reflected that of the occupants.

But there was not time for that as mum was already ushering us towards the entrance into hall 2. However no confinement is used and baby talk is not required. Well in my story I was stupid and got caught red handed; the cannabis was in the paper ready to be rolled when in walks my mother.

I looked over to my sister and she was very pale with a look on her face that mimicked how I felt inside. And pointed off to the final stand. Sleep in a crib supplied for period.

Couple jailed for shaving daughter's head, forcing her to wear diaper for bad grades

Severe punishments for misbehaving. Before we reached the entrance to this section my mother stopped obviously reading the before turning around and gesturing towards another section across the hall. Secondly I want you both to be on your best behaviour, we will not put up with any swearing, running away or any such like. You are probably wondering what drove my parents to bringing us both here? Length of period between changes. People were turning around and blushing I speed walked over to the large counter where they both were stood with Lucy hot on my heels.

Parental control over nappy changes with punishments for misbehaving. The stand was occupied by a much younger man probably around 25 and whose table featured a wide array of large plastic squares and what looked like towels. Ideal for correcting and punishing a major rebellion or lack of respect from a teen.

By silentawpFebruary 13 in Completed Stories. I had read about these shows in the paper but I never really paid attention, always thinking my parents would never take me to one.

How does it work, do we go around in order or…. The punishment stand was fairly bland and the bored looking, middle aged woman behind it appeared visibly pleased when we stopped in front of it. The good or bad news however was that we were nearly there and I guessed we only had about 15 minutes left on the road. Objective: Return teen to full use of nappies with toilet out of bounds. You be quite or I will upgrade you to level 5!

Teen must be in nappies for the whole period of punishment. I expect they are both to receive correction? Please read this carefully as it sets out the rules and the choices your parents have made for you. Fed baby food and milk in bottles. Next to me sat my younger sister, earphones in listening to music while staring blankly out of the window. These must be the nappies and this attractive guy is going to help my mum select the nappies I will be wearing.

My parents hate drugs so as you can imagine she went mental. My sister on the other hand had built up her cause for punishment over a much longer period; generally back talking, coming home late, swearing at my parents, etc Like my sister we are both slim and generally considered to be good looking. The women behind this stand was already talking when I arrived unbeknown to my parents.

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It was very busy with hundreds of families moving around, yet it was eerily quiet. You will have a dummy in at all times but as a level 4 you punishment, at the discretion of your parents, be able to talk like an adult at times. No or normal clothes to be worn at discretion of parent. She had also stopped crying, maybe realising that she had got of much more lightly than me. My mum nodded and the woman pointed towards the nearest stand. It seemed only the adults were talking. The hall was enormous and seemed to be divided into about 10 sections which in turn housed adult 20 stands.

Upon crossing the fresh hold I stopped, staring with a mixture of shock and horror. Again my sheet was marked and I noticed it was looking rather full, that worried me greatly but mum was already moving off again. We have 8 in total so the first step is to choose which one is appropriate. And do you know if she is sexual active? Nappy must be used for both wetting and messing. Full parental control over all accepts of life with major punishments for misbehaving.

It was this dread of not knowing what to expect that was already story than any punishment I had received before. My dad noticing I was not required for them to make the choices said me and my sister could go and wait at a small seating area in the middle. We have diaper running from level 1 for teenagers who need a minor reminder all the way to level 5 for out of control teens.

Firstly you have no choice is what improvement system we chose for you and any arguments will just result in your punishment being worsened. It was then that our car turned into the gravel car park and we slowed into a space near the back. These thoughts were racing through my mind but over them all I had an overarching sense of helplessness.

Objective: Return teen to full time baby state, with uncontrolled use of nappies, baby clothing and routines. Nappy style, capacity and doublers. We both quickly accepted, deciding that not watching the decision being made would reduce the continual embarrassment. How would they make us more dependent on our parents?