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Years: 26
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Ethnicity: Sudanese
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Tint of my iris: I’ve got lively gray-green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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Lol I did reverse cowgirl once and I was just teasing him a bit with my ass, rubbing his dick with my ass cheeks, before I even got to stick it in my ass he came all over my back and my hair.

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Not missing a beat, I tell him quid for both of us for 30 minutes. Now get this. She engaged me more in conversation, moving to look at me and be in my face.

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Very unexpected and… accidental! And all I could think of is the fact he couldn't see sweet fuck all and my mate wasn't anywhere near my pussy hahahaha! I came. I clutched her tight, a little tear trickled from my eye as I buried my face into her.

C insists the lights are off so we are in near total darkness. My best friend and I were having sex with my girlfriend. Especially since fat guy was like oooooh yeahhh you like that don't you! She teased me, before hugging me back and kissing my head. Like I said, the slightest caress and I was a gonner. Sort by: best.

Into my bedroom we go after getting the cash. What's your best accidental cum story? I get everything cleaned up take the sheets off of the mattress and the covers and just layed there wide awake not being able to go back to sleep. The other random guy walks in, puts his mouth on fat guys cock for literally 2 seconds and fat guy cums. To establish dominance, right? Well we eat dinner and go to bed my friend had a mattress I could lay on, on the floor as has always been how it's been when I've slept over at their house.

C was sat on fat guys lap back at my place. Mr silly bollocks fat guy agrees. Remember the other guy? More posts from the AskReddit community. Everyone was happy! She isn't anywhere near my vag!

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We go to sleep and I start having a really dirty dream about his sister and it goes on for a very long time and it starts getting further and further to a point where I remember subconsciously thinking "This usually doesn't happen" Well in the dream we start to fuck. We were all drinking, drugging and having a laugh. As we boot fat guy and random guy out, random guy turns to us and says thank you with a wink.

C looks at me and winks. She definitely felt it, even though panicked and horny me was praying to any God that she didn't notice. Well let's just say that I figured out why you wanna wake up before anything good happens. When I was much younger, and the slightest caress of my dick would have me dribbling down my leg.

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I attempted to cum on her back but shot so far that I hit him in the eye. I've got a right good story! Me C and random guy walk out the bedroom. Like a wet dream?

Continue this thread. Here's a time which was unexpected in every way.

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Fat guy made the suggestion of a 3some not including the other random guy. Never felt shame like it. You know that silent laughter accidental you sound like you're wheezing yourself to death? A few years ago, me and C were on one of our legendary benders, and some how we ended up taking home her father's fat friend who was DJing in the pub we had been in and some other guy.

So I was sleeping over at a friend's house and set friend has a really hot sister and I'd often think about doing her or just her naked. Post nut clarity kicked in, and was immediately embarrassed and disgusted at what I did. My best friend, C has never done sex work or been interested. Mine went inside my ejaculation keyboard I was trying to catch it in the story but no my penis grew 2 extra holes soy cum shot out like star lords double pistol and went everywherey.

Most you probably all know about occasional "Wet dream" you have every now and then and most times they end before you get to the good part. Saying something along the lines of, "I hope you can think clear to listen to me now". Anyway, fat guy then tells C to lick me out… So… C gets down inbetween my legs making tongue lapping noises.

I was fucking her from behind while he was kissing her and playing with her tits. Created Jan 25, Top posts september 3rd Top posts of september, Top posts Back to Top. Fat guy says thank you to us girls… I am still laughing myself to death. Let me just note I had managed to get my underwear off and that I had been laying on my side pressing my junk against the mattress so not only was it on me it was on the sheets, mattress and covers I looked up to see if my friend was awake but he luckily wasn't I walk out to the bathroom to clean myself and get some paper to clean the mattress.

And obviously I got hard. My crush in my arms, her ass on my lap Eventually, the inevitable happened. I was a bumbling mess.

I hope to God you hit that. Copied from Quora. I had my crush sit on my knee. Rubbing herself, her ass especially, around my crotch.

I don't think I've ever laughed so fucking hard in my life! Obviously I've been a sex worker.

Found the internet! Well obviously, getting down to business with your girlfriend for the first time of your life and then Many a time. So… C gets down inbetween my legs making tongue lapping noises.

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Tldr: Me and my female best mate got quid out of a guy for sex and it was actually a bloke who made him cum. It gets better! She's just a young woman who likes her drink.

With a twist and all! Posted by 2 years ago. Spoiler: of course she noticed, and in hindsight she abused that knowledge. Talk about not getting your money's worth! Like a dog drinking water out it's bowl.